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Motorhome Towbar

Motorhome Towbar

Towbars for your camper or motorhome

Retrofit and buy towbars for the Fiat Ducato and almost any other motorhome or camper
Here in Reimo's online camping store you will find motorhome towbars of the following manufacturers:

  • SMV towbar
  • Linnepe towbar
  • Sawiko towbar
You are looking for trailer accessories? Click here to go to trailer electrics!

If you cannot find the motorhome towbar for your motorhome in this category:

Scroll down for more information and details!

Motorhome towbar with frame extension

Retrofitting a motorhome towbar with frame extension should not be a problem. Due to the huge selection of vehicles and different bodies that are on the market, it is sometimes difficult to select the right trailer hitch.
Therefore we need:

  1. VIN (chassis number)
  2. Basic vehicle
  3. Manufacturer
  4. Model / type designation
  5. Year of construction
  6. Copy of the vehicle registration document
  7. Item number of the supplier of the desired towbar (if available)
  8. Reimo item number (for questions)
Please give this information to your local Reimo retailer or to the order service at Reimo.
We are looking, together with our suppliers, for the optimal towbar for your camper!

Fiat Ducato towbar

A trailer hitch for Fiat Ducato, or other base vehicles is now the most normal thing in the world. Because in times of e-bike, scooter or even automobile, the load in the motorhome is limited and your Fiat Ducato camper drives a bit "close to the ground". The Fiat Ducato towbar or motorhome towbar makes loading much easier. Whether you want to pull a small trailer with the additional luggage, your second car or others. It is important to keep an eye on the permitted load, best with a digital towball scale!

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