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Fiamma Roof Light, Fiamma Roof Vent, Fiamma Skylight

Fiamma Roof Light, Fiamma Roof Vent, Fiamma Skylight

Fiamma roof light, Fiamma skylight and Fiamma roof vent

The Fiamma roof light has been produced for many years and many Fiamma skylights are built similar to the American crank handel roof lights. Fiamma is also known for the Fiamma skylight with 12v vents and thermostats. with the Fiamma roof vent, the motorhome, caravan or camper can be ventilated. The Fiamma roof vent is also available in our range. The Fiamma roof light with crank handle should always be installed with the hinge side of the Fiamma roof light pointing in the direction of travel. Fiamma recommends the use of a frontspoiler for motorhomes, in order that the wind power which "attack" the rooflights, can be reduced. Please note the advices about maximum permissible speeds for each Fiamma skylight and frontspoiler. Originally almost every roof light was produced for speeds between 80 - 100 km/h. However, the modern motorhomes drive so fast that the appropriate Fiamma skylight must be selected with approvals of the manufacturer.