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12V Inverter - Modified Sine Wave Inverter

sine wave inverter, pure sine wave inverter, 12v power inverter

DC to AC Inverter - Low-priced and simple modified sine wave inverter!

Dc to ac inverter and 12V inverter generate an ac voltage of 230V from a dc voltage of 12V/24V of your motorhome battery. This can be delivered by either a pure sine wave inverter or a modified sine wave inverter.
The 12V inverter offered in this category work with a clocked square wave voltage. This is converted into high frequency, in which the individual pulses are limited. The result is a staircase-shaped course which is very similar to a sinusoid. It is sufficient for many purposes.
Pure sine wave inverters can be found in the category 12V Inverter – Pure Sine wave inverter

What kind of 12V inverter do you need?

Do you need a pure sine wave inverter or a modified sine wave inverter? Short explanations of the products can be found below the following items.

12V power inverter in use in a campervan or motorhome - e.g. as solar inverter

12V power inverter generates an ac voltage of 230V from a 12V/24V dc voltage. Different techniques can be used for this, which affect the kind of the output voltage. 12V power inverter can also be used as a solar inverter in your motorhome, caravan or campervan.

1. Square wave inverter

Technically very simple 12V inverter which are hardly common today. The alternating current generated by them is superimposed by too many disturbancs. Due to the further development of power electronic they are outdated today.

2. Modified sine wave inverter

A simple 12V inverter is inexpensive and sufficient for many uses. However, the operation of sensitive electronical eqipment or multimedia devices is sometimes problematic because the of the imperfectly simulated sinusoidal voltage, this can cause interferences. These devices simulate the sinusoidal voltage by staircase shaped voltage - square wave voltage. Therefore they are often called a modified sine wave inverter. A modified sine wave inverter is sufficient for:
  • small power operated engines
  • lightbulbs
  • toaster
  • Radio
  • TV
  • Electrical devices (such as mixer or razor)

3. Sine wave inverter - Pure sine wave inverter

The upper class: They match the mains voltage with 50Hz the best. Therefore, there are no restrictions as to which devices you use. Also suitable for sensitive devices such as measuring devices or computer systems. However, please note that some devices require a multipe of their rated power specified in the technical data for a short time when starting. The inverter must therefore be dimensioned with sufficient reserve power (as mentioned above at "required power reserves")
These pure sine wave inverters can be found in Sine Wave Inverter 12V / 230V The pure sine wave inverter are perfect for:
  • Larger electric engines
  • LED- lamps or similar
  • Compressor cool boxes
  • Charger for smartphone, tablet and similar
  • Computer/Laptops with mains adapter