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Camp4 Camping Chairs

Camp4 Camping Chairs

Say "YES" to Camp4 camping chairs and a particularly good value for money!

Reimo's brand Camp4 has been developing camping chairs and other outdoor products since 1995. Design and development in Germany are combined with cost-effective production. German quality standards and testing methods guarantee high quality Camp4 camping chairs at a fair price.

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What is Camp4?

Short answer: That's us!
Reimo has been developing camping chairs, camping furniture, camping accessories and outdoor products since 1995. The design and development of outdoor products takes place in Germany. The production of low-cost Camp4 products, however, takes place in the Far East. German quality standards and test methods guarantee you a high-quality camping chair, the outsourced production the fair price.

Camp4 camping chairs are low priced due to direct import!

Camp4 camping chairs, Camp4 camping recliners, Camp4 folding chairs and Camp4 loungers have been imported by Reimo for more than 20 years. With a large stock Egelsbach or Weiterstadt around the year. We have put camping chairs of the brands Camp4, Crespo and Westfield in stock for you.
Our purchaser fly half the earth several times a year to find the perfect camping chair for you. Every chair is tried and tested. Only if the chair meets the requirements, a sample goes on the trip to Germany. There will then be made improvements and other seat tests by our team of technicians (with different sized colleagues). Only if everything fits the optimized version may go into production. After sampling and functionality testing, the Camp4 chairs are shipped to many European countries, including Germany.

Camp4 camping chairs are folding, lightweight and comfortable

Camping means traveling light. Any storage space is precious, the smaller the folding camping chair can fold, the more likely there is sufficient space in the trunk. It is advisable to plan for each an own Camp4 camping chair for each traveler. Especially for cozy evening get-togethers everyone should be entitled to their own comfortable Camp4 camping chair. Anyone who has undertaken strenuous kayaking, climbing tours or sightseeing during the day is looking forward to the luxury of settling in the camp chair and stretching out the legs.
A lightweight aluminum folding chair by Camp4 can be easily taken anywhere. Many travellers love spending an afternoon by the sea in the folding Camp4 camping chair. For the indispensable folding chair, it is therefore advisable to choose the particularly lightweight version. For example, an aluminum folding Camp4 camping chair fulfills this requirement perfectly. If you have a little space left, a nice big aluminum camping chair with adjustable backrest and footrest is the better choice. So you can sit comfortably at the dining table or lie relaxed in the Camp4 camping chair and read a book.

You would like to sit outside until late night? But it gets a bit cold?
Have a look at our: heated cushions for the camping chair!
With the new, battery-operated seat heating, you can spend a long and relaxed time in nature.

You miss a chair in the Camp4 range?
You have a suggestion for improvement?

Tell us about it! Write an email. We are always looking for new ideas.

Do you have any further requests, questions or suggestions about our range?
Please send us your proposals via direct message to our Facebook-Account! Thank you very much!
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