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Folding Camping Chairs - Fold Up Camping Chairs - Foldable Camping Chairs

Folding Camping Chairs - Fold Up Camping Chairs - Foldable Camping Chairs

Buy your folding camping chair with feel-good factor!

The folding camping chair is indispensable due to the space-saving storage possibility for camping, festivals or fishing. The manufacturers provide foldable camping chairs in various colors and designs.
There are folding camping chairs in various sizes for example the Aloha 2 or the Toscana Luxus by Camp4.
Folding camping chairs can be purchased in light and heavy versions, for kids and also for the elderly, such as the La Palma, or with lying function Snobby.
Here you will find fold up camping chairs with cup holders, table, umbrella holders and many more.

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Buy your folding camping chair online!

Buy a good foldable camping chair online, here at our camping store!

The Camp4 folding camping chairs are tested now and then by different magazines. The folding camping chairs from us as a camping specialist differ by many well thought-out small details from the simple folding chairs at the hardware store. As an importer of Camp4 fold up camping chairs, we are always considering small features that make our folding camping chairs stand out from the mass-produced. Whether the chair packaging can be packed in the chair as a headrest, or a lumbar support is integrated into the chair, many practical ideas come from active campers: us and of course you!

Camping lounger and folding camping lounger for a good and cozy time

Camping loungers or folding camping loungers are extremely comfortable. Except for "just sitting at the table", but in a relaxed camping holiday that is not necessarily desired. The folding camping lounger is used for cozy "hanging out". Your folding armchair is, as the name implies, usually simply pushed together (folded) and for transport you simply stow it in a space-saving chair pocket.

The relax-camping chair, reinvented in 2018

A relax-camping chair is characterised by a relaxed sitting position, a cup holder and the various storage options. Already in 2018, the elegant folding chair Joplin by Reimo Holiday Travel launched as a new kind of relax-camping chair. The folding chair Joplin has established itself to our delight in the first year. In 2019 Westfield followed with Elisabeth, Grace and Emma. A padded lounger, a folding chair from the Holiday Travel series, completes the offer of newly redesigned relax camping chairs.

Festival chair or fishing chair - the cup holder is important!

The festival chair or the fishing chair must be good to transport. The folding chair mechanism is clearly an advantage for you: simply hang the festival chair or anglers chair with the chair bag over your back and go directly to the desired location with these lightweight folding chairs
  • Openair events
  • Fishing pond
  • Crowded lecture hall
  • Picnic
  • Motor race
and many other uses.

Why is the folding camping chair called VW van chair?

The name VW van chair results from the small amount of space that you and every other van driver have to deal with. The large foldable camping chairs do not find space in your van. Therefore, the small folding camping chairs are a real alternative for VW vans or van drivers. These small fold up camping chairs often fit on the rear door behind the kitchen unit. Even the folding camping chairs Arezzo and Paloma are already well suited as a so-called VW van chair. The really small pack size of the foldable camping chair Paloma with 50 x 50 x 14 cm, including table and cup holder makes it the perfect partner for your van holidays.

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