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Non-Slip Mat, Anti Slip Mat & Dashboard Sticky Pads

Non-Slip Mat, Anti Slip Mat & Dashboard Sticky Pads

Non-slip mats and anti slip mats for caravans, motohomes, campervans, dashboards, kitchens, drawers, cars and many more!

Easy to cut with a pair of scissors or a sharp knife. Whether as a drawer insert, in storage or in the cupboard, as a slip stop on the dashboard or in the shower tray. The uses are huge! The offered mats are tear-resistant and form stable.

Safely on vacation with motorhome or caravan

Of course, everyone knows some form of anti-slip mats. These mats should prevent slipping.

What exactly are anti-slip mats?

Anti-slip mats are mats of different structure. Due to their surface, the risk of slipping should be prevented or at least reduced to a minimum.
The anti-slip mat prevents slipping, so the structure is different in ribs, knobs, grooves and a tear plate structure.
Most anti-slip mats are made of plastic or rubber and have a slightly adhesive surface.

What size do I need?

Depending on the purpose, there are differences in size of the non-slip mat, even if the mats can be cut wonderfully with a pair of scissors or a laying knife.
For example, if you want to lay out your caravan or camper with an non-slip mat, you do not necessarily need the size of a whole hall.
Therefore, there are the non-slip mats in many common small sizes for different uses. Now, not everyone wants the industrial package in black or gray, to spoil the interior of your mobile living room. For this reason, the range of colored non-slip mats is very versatile. There are the anti-slip mats in gray - beige - blue - white - and brown, just to name a few colors.

What are the application areas?

The purpose is clear, mainly the anti-slip mats should reduce the risk of slipping. But that does not only apply to humans, because there are good reasons for a non-slip mat especially for the leisure-time fans, who are traveling with a caravan or a campervan. These mobile living rooms are equipped similar to those at home. With a difference! If it is not just an earthquake, nothing moves in the living room or in the cupboards at your home. Everything has its place. Otherwise in a caravan, car or camper. Here it rumbles already on bad roads. In the end, the items like plates, cups and glasses in the cupboards become self-contained and will probably not survive the ride if it were not for the anti-slip mats.

Almost everything can be lined with these color-different non-slip mats.
From the drawer to the locker compartments, the dashboard and, if available, also in the shower area. The risk of slipping is largely limited and the porcelain and glasses survive the trip.
The main uses for anti-slip mats in motorhome, caravan or camper are summarized:
1. Designed in drawers and kitchen cabinets while driving, they stop dishes clattering by vibration
2. In sinks scratching of the stainless steel surfaces is avoided by the soft foam mats and in shower trays the risk of slipping even with soapy water is reduced
3. In front of bathrooms, a narrow strip makes e.g. the walk from the shower to the bed safer
4. In the trunk slippage of luggage and cargo is avoided
5. Noise insulation is another advantage

Conclusion: Of course, the holiday trip can be realized without non-slip mat, but in any case there is less stress with an anti-slip mat and the holiday enjoyment increases significantly.