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VW T4 High Top, VW T4 High Top Roof, VW T4 High Roof, T4 High Roof

VW T4 High Top, VW T4 High Top Roof, VW T4 High Roof, T4 High Roof

Sportline, Ergoline and Aeroline VW T4 High Roof for more space in your camper

A VW T4 camper, is not a real camper without an extra VW T4 high top.
Whether it is a VW T4 pop top roof or a VW T4 high top roof, it is only a matter of taste.

Advantages of the T4 high roof:
  • With a VW T4 high top, you can always walk straight from the cab to the back of the vehicle.
  • You can load large, bulky parts into your VW with the VW T4 high top roof.
  • Your VW T4 is bigger and airier, especially if you use the offered windows or roof lights.
  • Also optional, you can create additional storage space with the VW T4 high roof "Aeroline" with an active carrier system (e.g. Item-No: 41300 rail).
  • We offer matching high-roof paneling, which not only enhance the interior, but also keep a lot of heat inside your VW T4 with their 20mm insulation.
The VW Transporter from '91 have long proven their durability and have become more and more, as well as the T3, used for the best days of the year.

Great camping equipment for your VW T4 camper with VW T4 high top!

Whether a complete DIY conversion or with a suitable and proven conversion kit for swb or conversion kit for lwb, is totally up to you.
We try to show you all options on this website, also browse through the offered conversion guide !

Reimo differentiates between the following T4 high roofs:
  • the sporty, sleek Sportline
  • the chic curved Aeroline
  • the classic Ergoline
Find the right VW T4 high top for your VW T4 camper and enjoy going on countless adventures with a lot more space!

Interior paneling for VW T4 high top, VW T4 high top roof, VW T4 high roof

Reimo offers various interior paneling for the VW T4 high top. In the Aeroline, an inner shell covered with 20 mm X-Trem insulation is glued to the outer shell. The VW T4 high top roof is then glued to the separately orderable installation frame and the vehicle. The interior paneling of the Aeroline VW T4 high roof has a smooth plastic surface, is very easy to clean and washable. For the Ergoline, Reimo offers suitably shaped paneling made of 20 mm X-Trem insulation material. In order to create a homely ambience, this was covered with a noble gray Isovelour in the visible area.

Note: The standard color of our Reimo roofs is white unless otherwise stated! The images on these pages show partially painted roofs. Painting is optional, but largely excluded from shipping. Additional equipment such as windows, rooflights and other things built into the roofs is not included in the scope of delivery, but can be ordered optionally.

Parts certificates are only valid in connection with the mounting frames that we offer and that match the vehicle and roof.