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VW T3 Roof: VW T3 High Roof, VW T3 Pop Top Roof, VW T3 Pop Up Roof

VW T3 Roof: VW T3 High Roof, VW T3 Pop Top Roof, VW T3 Pop Up Roof

Treat your van to a new VW T3 roof!

The development of a VW T3 pop up roof and a VW T3 pop top roof is basically the foundation of Reimo's company history. Reimo has been successfully developing and producing pop top roofs, elevating roofs, sleeping roofs and high roofs, made in Germany, since the early 1980s.
Das VW T3 universal pop up roof was developed for customers who want or need headroom in their VW T3. The newly developed VW T3 pop up roof offers a place for relaxed cooking or to get changed while standing on an area of about 1 m x 1 m in the sliding door area.
Das VW T3 pop top roof offers also space for a two person bed. Windows with mosquito nets, let the air circulate and annoying mosquitoes remain outside.
In the mid-80s, the range of VW T3 high roofs was extended by the Aeroline series. The VW T3 high roof Aeroline with its elegant, streamlined shape became a bestseller.
For more than 35 years, Reimo has been successfully developing and producing elevating roofs, pop top roofs and high roofs for the classic VW T3, VW T4, VW T5, VW T6 and many other brands and models.

VW T3 high roof - Aeroline

The aerodynamic shape of the VW T3 high roof "Aeroline" adapts harmoniously to the VW van and provides the VW T3 camper for a streamlined appearance. Windows in the side and rear area can be retrofitted for more light and air in the VW T3 high roof. The VW T3 high roof "Aeroline" allows more storage space and a standing height of approx. 202 cm. The vehicle height is about 64 cm.

VW T3 pop top roof - superflat for extra sleeping space

The VW T3 pop top roof - superflat raises the front and is completely pre-assembled. Due to the gas springs, the sleeping roof is almost independent. The tent bellows made of breathable and water-repellent fabric has three black-out windows. The side windows are equipped with mosquito nets, the front with a transparent foil. This allows optimal cross ventilation, with weather-protected light in the sleeping roof.

Gepäckwanne, Schlafdachbett

The luggage compartment, in conjunction with the installation roof, above the driver's cab forms a harmonious roof finish. In addition, you gain additional storage space with the trough in the luggage tub.

Das Schlafdachbett mit einer Bettfläche von ca.185 x 112 cm bietet Platz für zwei Personen.

VW T3 elevating roof, VW T3 pop top roof, VW T3 pop up roof

The VW T3 elevating roof is an inexpensive alternative. It is ideal if you want to use a hotplate comfortably standing or just want more space and comfort when getting dressed. In the area of the sliding door, the VW T3 elevating roof offers a standing area of approx. 45 cm on an area of approx. 105 cm x 110 cm.