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VW T6, VW T5 rock and roll bed

Schlafsitzbank VW T6, Schlafbank VW T6

VW T6, VW T5 rock and roll bed, campervan seat bench, campervan bench seat, campervan folding bench seat

3 person rock and roll bed, campervan folding bench seat, campervan seat bench, Variotech

Would you like to convert your VW T6, VW T5 to a campervan, camper, motorhome?

Reimo offers about everything that you need to realize your dream of converting your VW T6, VW T5 to a stylish and clever campervan. This includes furniture kits, rock and roll beds, pop top roofs, elevating roofs and high-top roofs. You can see and feel the experience of over 35 years Reimo utilizes to develop and manufacture conversion parts for campervans, vans and motorhomes.

VW T6 rock and roll bed V3000, VW T5 rock and roll bed V3000

Three-person rock and roll bed for VW T6, VW T5 - moveable and removeable! We offer the V3000 campervan folding bench seat in four different width. The three-point seat belts are integrated in the backrest of the VW T5, VW T6 V3000 seat bench. Isofix for up to two child seats is included as standard. The retractable head rests don´t need to be removed when converting the seat bench to a comfortable bed with large and level sleeping space - no irritating seams or belts.
>br> Do you need some extra space? Just move or remove the V3000 rock and roll bed to create extra living or storage space. By removing the optional front panel, a huge load through area is created to store away bulk items like surfboards or skier. Create additional storage space by adding the optional drawer to your V3000 bench seat. The rear upholstery can be folded away to enhance the loading capacity in the trunk.

TÜV approval safety concept ECE 14 and ECE 17 for N1 (motorhome) and M1 (passenger car).