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Rock and Roll Bed V3000, Campervan Seat for T5 und T6

Reimo Schlaf-Sitzbänke für Campingbusse, leichter Umbau zum Bett, TÜV-geprüft

Enjoy a maximum flexibility in your T5 or T6 with the V3000 rock and roll bed!

Would you like to retrofit your VW T6 or T5 Transporter?

The V3000 bed for T5 offers you optimized transport solutions for a wide variety of applications. Designed as a 3-seater, the Reimo rock n roll bed with seatbelts combines high seating comfort with practical benefits.

Further information about the V3000 rock and roll bed can be found under the article tiles!

More information about your V3000 VW rock and roll bed T5 & T6

You can move the V3000 seat for VW back and forth in the vehicle or remove it completely in a few simple steps. If you need the space, no problem just turn your camper back into a practical van!

The ergonomic upholstery provides you with a high level seating comfort. To achieve this standard, we had a very close look at the car manufactures. This has helped improve the V3000 campervan seats and now your rear passengers can sit safely and comfortably for short or long journeys.

Speaking of safety, the rock and roll bed V3000 has a TÜV-tested safety concept according to ECE 14 & ECE 17 and applies depending on the vehicle type for RV (N1) and car registration (M1).
The three-point seat belts have been integrated into the backrest of the V3000 bench and are of course factory-fitted with Isofix child seat attachment points.

The conversion of the campervan seat to a campervan bed is very simple. The headrests are fully retractable and do not need to be removed. Your sleeping space is created by the backside of the backrest and the rotated seat cushion, which promises you a deep sleep on flat surface. Seat slots, belt buckles and other sleep disturbing bumps are not a problem with in this sophisticated design.

The V3000 T5 Transporter rock and roll seat can be locked in many positions in the vehicle. This gives you a huge and variable living and luggage space.
This construction is especially successful if, for example, you have small children. The rock n roll seat does not have to stand in the back of the room, you can push it far forward. This way, you can intervene with the little ones directly from the passenger seat. Of course, with this seat position you can also expand the storage volume of your VW T5 or T6 a lot. *

The rear upholstery of your T6 rock n roll seat can simply be swiveled upwards, so even bulky goods find their place in the trunk. The front panel attached to the lower part of your rock n roll seat is easy to remove. A practical through-loading facility simplifies the transport of, for example, skis or similar long items immensely. The optionally orderable draw locker, which you can fix under the bench instead of the front panel, ensures orderliness in your VW Camper.
Everything important finds its place here and is always at hand.

Can I install such a T5 rock n roll bed myself?

Demand for the vehicles has risen sharply in recent years. VW buses meanwhile drive just as fast as cars. That means, when braked, your bank and associated attachment must withstand extremely high tractive forces. To ensure that the rails are fastened neatly in the vehicle and withstands strong braking, installation must be carried out by a Reimo conversion partner.

Please have your bank system installed by a Reimo conversions expert ! Your safety should be worth it!

The certified Reimo partners regularly take part in courses at our company and are trained in the latest adhesive and installation techniques. In a rare warranty case, you are on the safe side and have a competent contact person in your area!

The V3000 rock n roll bed is manufactured in different widths for: VW T6, VW T5, Mercedes Vito, Mercedes Viano, Renault Trafic, Opel Vivaro, Fiat Talento, Ford Transit Custom and Nissan Primastar.

* This seating position is currently only possible when installed in a new vehicle.
Please ask your Reimo conversion partner for current information!