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VW T6, VW T5 Campervan Conversion Bike&Surf (short wheel base)

Campervan Conversion Bike & Surf Bike & Surf Conversion
  • Campervan modules: maxi-bed, kitchen unit, cabinets, table
  • Easy installation, screwing on excisting points
  • Bed including slat frame and 10 cm mattress
  • Height of bed adjustable to increase storage space
Convert your VW T6, VW T5 estate into a campervan with a comfortable bed, seating area, table and kitchen unit in no time with the Bike & Surf conversion modules. All this for a very affordable price!
Unfortunately the Bike & Surf conversion is not suitable for VW T6, VW T5 Multivan, Caravelle and Highline.

Furniture Module for Campervan Bike & Surf Go to Bike & Surf Maxi-bed in our shop - Item no. 11004 Go to bed-extension in our shop -Item no. 11005 Go to kitchen unit cooky in our shop - Item no. 11006 Go to small cabinet in our shop - Item no. 11008 Go to big cabinet in our shop - Item no. 110081 Go to table in our shop - Item no. 11009
  1. Maxi-bed (module)
    Comfortable bed with lush mattress and sleeping space of 198  x 130  cm (or rather 160 cm including kitchen unit “Cooky” and bed extension), variable in height, storage space beneath over full inner width and a height between 50 cm and 80 cm.
    Item no. 11004
  2. Bed extension (module)
    Even more comfortable sleep with an increased bed width of 160 cm instead of 130 cm, including mattress and cover. The kitchen module “Cooky” needs to be installed as the basis for the bed! The upholstery in the front is included with the kitchen module!
    Item no. 11005
  3. Kitchen module “Cooky”
    Prefabricated module without technical appliances, set up for cooler CDF18 (item no. 71149). Including upholstery for front bed extension.
    Item no. 11006
  4. Cabinet (small)
    Cabinet installed on the side of the bed. Fits with bed extension (item no. 11005). Dimensions (W x H x D) appr. 88 x 57 x 20  / 35 cm.
    Item no. 11008
  5. Cabinet (large)
    Cabinet installed on the side of the bed. Dimensions (W x H x D) appr. 88 x 132 x 20  / 35 cm.
    Item no. 110081
  6. Table (module)
    Decor Granitto
    Item no. 11009
  7. Curtains
    Grey, including curtain rail and gliders.
    Set for side and rear windows - Item no. 19231
    Set for driver cabin - Item no. 19240
  8. Swivel seat base Installation recommended to be able to include driver seat to seating area.
    Item no. 59499

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Our Conversion-Partner in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Campervan conversions – choosing, ordering and installing the right conversion kit!

Tips on how to order campervan conversions

The installation of most campervan conversions requires technical know-how, especially for mounting the rails / rock and roll bed as well as pop top roofs / high top roofs. To ensure that the installation complies with TÜV regulations Reimo only delivers to trained dealers.
The rails and campervan roof are being installed by a trained Reimo dealer but with sufficient technical skills the rest of the campervan conversion can be accomplished by yourself! The conversion kits developed and tested by Reimo simplify the campervan conversion.
If you have any questions concerning your campervan conversion, please send an email to our specialist!
Please order via one of our Reimo conversion dealers or the Reimo Megastores in Egelsbach or Bochum. The conversion parts will be delivered to the chosen dealer or Megastore. Just click on the map to find a Reimo conversion dealer near you to discuss your conversion plans. Please make sure that your conversion partner has seen your campervan at least once to ensure that the chosen conversion kit is suitable for your campervan conversion.