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VW T6, VW T5 Campervan Conversion Weekender (short wheel base)

Campervan Conversion Weekender Weekender Conversion
  • Your day-to-day campervan - fast and comfortable travelling
  • Movable and removable three-person seat bench
  • Large and level sleeping space over the full width of the campervan
Movable and removable three-person seat bench with integrated three-point seat belts as well as retractable head rests. Isofix attachments for two child seats optional available. Large and level sleeping space over the full width of the campervan guarantees high comfort – no irritating seams or belts. Bulk storage underneath the seat bench when removing the drawers or front panel (load through).

  1. Rock and Roll Bed Variotech 3000®
    Three seats, total width: 1380 mm, pad size: 1330 mm, sleeping space: 205x136 cm. 3 integrated, retractable headrests, seat belts, fold-up rear cushion (storage height under rear cushion: 46 cm). Incl. Isofix holder for 2 child seats. Fully upholstered including rear upholstery. Bench is movable and removable.
    Design: Classic Grey, bicolour
    Item no. 5040300
    Design: Austin T6
    Item no. 5040322
    Further fabrics and benches with heat exchanger can be found at Item no.M5040300
    VW T6 / T5 sleeping bench, adjustable, size 17
    The bench can either be provided with a front panel OR with a drawer!
    Front Panel Item no. 5040380
    Drawer Item no. 5040390
    Each decor: Basalt
  2. Rail set "Grizzly" for Variotech 3000®
    2 aluminum slides, silver anodised, length 246 cm, 1 driving position
    Rail set Item no. 58200
    Required: Mounting kit VW T6 / T5 kR. 997 mm rail distance
    Mount.-Kit Estate kR - Item no. 58202
    Supplementary Kit Van kR + lR - Item no. 58206
  3. Bottom Plate 3 pcs. 997 mm rail distance
    For VW T6/T5 kR, length approx. 246 cm
    Decor Ship's floor - Item no. 1053842
    Dekor Quad - Item no. 1053841
    Decor Ticino - Item no. 10538420
  4. X-Trem isolator 15 mm (not pictured)
    As isolation under the bottom plate.
    X-Trem (1 Piece) - Item no. 50016
    2 pieces are needed.
  5. Roof Wall Cupboard
    As a finished part over the rear bench seat for additional storage space
    Wood decor: Anthracite
    Item no. 10800 for standard roof
    Item no. 10797 for pop top roof superflat
    Item no. 10820 for Easy-Fit roof
  6. Table
    Laminate decor anthracite, table edge silver, with wall bracket and foldable table base. Tabletop approx. 85 x 47 cm
    Item no. 18052
  7. Not pictured:
    Diesel-Heater Breeze
    Small, compact heater for being mounted under the front passenger seat. Power: 2.7 KW, fuel consumption max. 0.33 l / h. Power requirement: 74-130 W. Dimensions: Length 355 x Width 124 x Heigth 126 mm
    Item no. 48129
    Digital Controller Item no. 48130
    Manual Controller Item no. 48131
    Mounting bracket under passenger seat Item no. 48132
    Porta Potti Box
    Case for chemical toilet, HPL laminate anthracite, with padding (50mm), dimensions 390 x 425 x 348 mm
    Item no. 10699
    Porta Potti HDK 335 white
    Portable chemical toilet, fits in Porta Potti box
    Item no. 660102Porta Potti HDK 335 portable comfort toilet for Porta Potti box

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