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Campervan Floor Plates for VW T5 & VW T6 (short wheel base)

Floor plates for campervan conversion VW T5 & T6 short wheel base
Floor plates for VW T6 & VW T5 campervan conversions have a lifetime of more than 30 years. They are made of a special, waterproof glued chipboard. They swell and warp extremely little. The flooring is made of waterproof PVC or a laminated board glued to the chipboard for even greater durability.
To save weight, we have been testing poplar plywood, multiplex plywood and beech plywood floorboards for several years. The result in test vehicles was that the plywood panels deformed too much at high humidity. The floor construction used today has proven its worth for over 30 years in hard practical use in thousands of campervans. The different models of floor slabs are adapted to different facilities with different benches.