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Curtains for VW T5 & VW T6 campervans (short wheel base)

Curtains for T5 & T6, Curtain-Sets for T5, non-transparent Curtains

Reimo has been producing curtains for the VW Transporter since 1980. There are curtain-sets for the VW T5 estate (that is the window van). Other curtain-sets are matched to the VW T5 panel van with continuous interior trim. Generally, other dimensions and measurements are needed here. Addtionally, there are specially adapted curtains for the individual VW T5 interior fittings.
With the long wheelbase, the rear side windows on the T5 are longer. Apart from that the front curtains at the long and short wheelbase are identical.
There are huge differences in the curtains material. For all vehicles with car approval, only flame-retardant curtain fabrics are allowed. All campervans need extremely opaque materials to avoid insights in the lighted campervan at night. Classic car curtains, on the other hand, allow extra light and only make it difficult to look inside during the day and prevent sun exposure.
Choose now the right curtains for your campervan and right purpose.