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Campervan Conversion Kit Bel Ami for VW T5 & VW T6 short wheel base

Campervan Conversion Bel Ami BelAmi Conversion
  • Complete campervan conversion to the entry-level price
  • Kitchen unit with approx. 40 l toploader cooler, 2-flame cooker, stainless steel sink and water system
  • Comfortable 2-person Rock and Roll Bed Family
  • Many storage compartments in the furniture unit
The Bel Ami for VW T6 and T5 is the low-prized campervan conversion kit with rigid family-sittingbench and functional furniture kit consisting of a kitchen unit, wardrobe and swivelling table.

  1. Family Rock and Roll Bed 2-Seats
    Fully upholstered.
    Seat width about 112 cm. Scope of supply: Metal carcass, seat fittings, seat and back rest made of approx. 18 mm plywood, foam kit. Without headrests (no longer available), incl. rear compartment cover and upholstery. Seat belts (1 lap belt and 3-point belt) and belt suspension.
    Design: Austin T6
    Item No. 50206
  2. Bottom Plate 1-Piece
    Length approx. 246 cm
    Decor: Ship's deck - Item No. 1053812
    Decor: Quad - Item No. 1053811
    Decor: Ticino - Item No.1053120
    X-Trem Insulator, 15 mm strength
    Required as insulation underneath the base plate, 2x1 m board dimension.
    3 plates are needed.
    1 Piece - Item No. 50016
  3. Furniture Kit Bel Ami
    Consisting of kitchen unit, tall cabinet and swivelling table. About 134 cm wide. Decor: Granitto Laminate.
    Kitchen Unit prepared for sink-cooker combination, canister water system and chemical toilet PP335.
    Table including table stand, attachment to bench, table also serves as a sink cover.
    Tall Cabinet 3 doors, approx. 97 cm wide, with compartment for 2x 5 kg gas bottle.
    Conversion - Self Installation Kit - Item No. 50207
    Prefabricated Kit - Item No. 50207F
  4. Gas Kit (no image)
    With sink-cooker combination, 2 flames, stainless steel 800 x 320 mm, operation from above, distribution block, gas hose, pressure reducer without manometer (30 mbar), gas-tight paste, tension belt and small parts
    Item No. 75183
  5. Water System Bel Ami (no image)
    12 volt submersible pump, automatic cock luxury grey, water hose approx. Ø 10 x 3 mm and sewage hose approx. Ø 19 mm as well as small parts
    Item No. 60002
  6. Compressor Coolbox CoolMatic CB-40 (no image)
    12/24 volt, content of 40 liters. Outer container Galvanized sheet steel, inner container stainless steel, bottom parts shockproof black plastic. Separate inner lid with gasket and insulation. 40 mm PU full foam. Wire basket included.  
    Power consumption: 45 watts
    Average running time: at + 5 ° C inside temperature and 20 ° C outside temperature = 17%, at 30 ° = 27%
    Dimensions: W x H x D: 500 x 455 x 340 mm, Heigth incl. compressor 590 mm
    Weigth: approx. 22 kg
    Item No. 71074