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Camper Van Conversion SportCamper for VW T5 & VW T6 long wheelbase

Campingbusausbau SportCamper - der jugendliche Freizzeittyp VW T5 / T6 Ausbau SportCamper
  • Sportcamper - für young families
  • Compact vehicle in the classic camper van segment
  • Fully suitable as an everyday vehicle
  • Very varied variations
Compact vehicle in the classic camper bus segment with a low-cost, modern and equally functional conversion for mobile campers friends and families. Fully suitable as an everyday vehicle due to compact external dimensions and 5 seats.

  1. Sleeper Bench, Rock 'n' Roll Bed V3100 starr®
    3 persons bench, rigid with Isofix bracket for 2 child seats.
    3 seats with three-point seatbelts and integrated headrests, total width 1205 mm, padding width 1155 mm.
    Sitting on profiled seat, sleeping on the smooth back of the seat, rear upholstery can be folded up.
    Prefabricated, fully upholstered and pre-assembled. Addiontally, you need bottom beams and screw set 58208, 582082, 582083 as well as 582084 for mounting. For the bench, please order front cover 5040580 or drawer 5040590 serial decor slate
    Art.-Nr. 5040600 Sitzbank Dekor Classic grau
    Item-No.5040622 Bench Decor Austin T6
    For more fabrics or sleeping benches with a diver, see Art. -Nr.M5040600 VW T6/T5 Sleeper bench rigid size 10.
    Floor plates T6/T5 lR Transporter estate
    1-piece with coating, length approx. 286 cm.
    Decor Schip's deck - Item-No. 1053712
    Decor Quad - Item-No. 1053711
    Decor Tessin - Item-No. 10537120
    X-Trem Isolator 15 mm strength
    For isolating underneath the bottom plate, for long wheelbase: 3 pieces are needed.
    Item-No. 50016
  2. Furniture Module - long wheelbase prefabricated part
    Consisting of: Clothes / linen closet with retractable door, additional laundry and storage compartments in the rear area. Kitchen part with space for 2-flame cooker and sink (800 x 320 mm) stainless steel, robust worktop in HPL laminate, plenty of space in storage compartments and drawer, space for fridge (see technical package). Compartment for Porta Potti Qube 335 (660101). Gas box with space for 2 x 5 kg gas bottles
    Decor Apple laminate, edges in silver
    Item-No. 104901
    Furniture module - long wheelbase installed with technics package
    Gas system 2 x 5 kg, compressor refrigerator, 12 V system, 230 V system, water system including cooker-sink combination and 2 x 12 L fresh water canister, 27 L waste water canister. Built in furniture module.
    Furniture module kit
    Recesses for supply lines have already been made.
    Wood decor Eco Line, laminate Pure Graffiti
    Technology package for self-installation (not pictured)
    Item-No. 10493
    Truma Gas Heater Vario Head eco 2800 W (not pictured)
    Built in furniture module, incl. Fireplace. The opening for the fireplace and the fireplace still need to be mounted on the vehicle.
    VarioHead eco 2800 W installed - Item-No. 720304E
  3. Roof wall cabinet
    As a prefabricated part over the rear bench seat, offers additional storage space. Decor apple
    Item-No. 10494 for Reimo Sleeper Roof
    Item-No.. 10495 for Standard Roof
    Item-No. 104941 for EasyFit Roof
  4. Swivelling Table
    Table top with swivel table frame is attached to the seat, especially large swivel distance. Table top: 77 x 46 cm. Laminate with real wood edge
    Item-No. 50157

Holzdekor Apfel Schichtstoff
Serien-Holzdekor Apfel
Holzdekor Pure Graffiti
Holzdekor Pure Graffiti (nur Bausatz)
Serien-Polsterstoff Classic grau
Serien-Polsterstoff Classic grau
Polsterstoff Austin
Options-Polsterstoff Austin

Möchten Sie Ihren Campingbus etwas kompakter? Hier finden Sie diese Einrichtung für den VW Transporter mit kurzem Radstand:
SportCamper auf VW T5/T6 kurzer Radstand
Auch als kompletter Campingbus erhältlich! Hier finden Sie diese Campingbus-Einrichtung als schlüsselfertiges Neufahrzeug:
Reimo TrioStyle auf VW T5

Our Conversion-Partner in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Campervan conversions – choosing, ordering and installing the right conversion kit!

Tips on how to order campervan conversions

The installation of most campervan conversions requires technical know-how, especially for mounting the rails / rock and roll bed as well as pop top roofs / high top roofs. To ensure that the installation complies with TÜV regulations Reimo only delivers to trained dealers.
The rails and campervan roof are being installed by a trained Reimo dealer but with sufficient technical skills the rest of the campervan conversion can be accomplished by yourself! The conversion kits developed and tested by Reimo simplify the campervan conversion.
If you have any questions concerning your campervan conversion, please send an email to our specialist!
Please order via one of our Reimo conversion dealers or the Reimo Megastores in Egelsbach or Bochum. The conversion parts will be delivered to the chosen dealer or Megastore. Just click on the map to find a Reimo conversion dealer near you to discuss your conversion plans. Please make sure that your conversion partner has seen your campervan at least once to ensure that the chosen conversion kit is suitable for your campervan conversion.