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Camper Van Conversion FreeVan for VW T5 & T6 long wheel base

Campingbus-Ausbau FreeVan VW T5 und T6 langer Radstand FreeVan Ausbau
  • The storage giant: Capacity of 950 to 4800 Liters in the VW T6 with long wheel base
  • Lush padded comfort bed, sleeping area approx. 198 x 130 cm
  • Well equipped for transporting goods and people
The camper van FreeVan is absolutely a strorage giant. Living and luggage room can be individually varied just as you desire. A volume of up to 4800 liters is possible.
In the large, lushly padded comfort bed of the FreeVan you have an absolutely flat sleeping area of approx. 198 x 130 cm.

Sitzbank Variotech 4000 im Shop aufrufen - Art.-Nr. 5043000 Gleitschienen Grizzly im Shop aufrufen - Art.-Nr. 58201 Bodenplatte Dekor Quad im Shop aufrufen - Art.-Nr. 1053721 Sitzbank Variotech 4000 im Shop aufrufen - Art.-Nr. 5043000 Möbelzeile FreeVan lR im Shop aufrufen - Art.-Nr. 18070 Schwenktisch im Shop aufrufen - Art.-Nr. 18052
  1. Rock and Roll bed Variotech 4000®
    3 seats (size 14), movable and removable, total width: approx. 1205 mm, sleeping space: approx. 205 x 126 cm.
    3 integrated and retractable head rests, three-point seat belts, fold-up rear upholstery (Storage space underneath rear cushion 52 cm), front panel and side panel. Fully upholstered including rear upholstery.
    Design: Classic grey, bi-colour
    Item-No. 5043000
    Design: Austin T6
    Item No. 5043022
    The seat bench can either be equipped with a front panel OR a drawer!
    Front panel Item-No. 5040080
    Drawer Item-No.. 5040090
    Decor (panel or drawer): Basalt
  2. Rail set "Grizzly" for Variotech 4000®
    2 aluminium rails, silver anodised, length approx. 286 cm, one driving position
    Rail set Item-No. 58201
  3. Floor plate 3 pieces
    For VW T6/T5 lR, length approx. 286 cm
    Decor: ship's deck - Item-No. 1053722
    Decor: Quad - Item-No. 1053721
  4. X-Trem Isolator 18 mm (not pictured)
    For isolation underneath the floor plate
    X-Trem (1 piece) - Item-No. 50009
    3 plates will be needed!
  5. Furniture module as finished part
    Spacious furniture part including high cabinet with sliding door, laundry compartment, storage compartment for 2x 5 kg gas bottles, 2 drawers. A roll-top cabinet provides space, e.g. for the chemical toilet Porta-Potti Qube 335, 660101. With a long wheelbase, the furniture line expands by an additional high cabinet.
    Furniture module without technology, appliances, installation
    Wood Decor: high gloss silver
    Item-No. 18070
    Technics Package (not pictured)
    The Technics Package includes: Das Technikpaket beinhaltet: Sink-cooker combination with glass cover, 2x 12 l fresh water canister, 27 l waste water canister, faucet, water pump and hoses, 39 l compressor refrigerator, gas system, 12V / 230 V, lamp in kitchen part.
    Package finished installed in furniture module
    Technics Package - Item-No. 191007E
  6. Roof wall cabinet (not pictured)
    As a finished part over the rear bench seat for additional storage space
    Wood Decor: high gloss silver:
    Item-No. 18053S for standard roof
    Item-No. 18056 für pop top roof
    Item-No. 180546 für Easy-Fit roof
    Item-No. 180541LS for roof with slatted bed base
  7. Table mit Schwenktischgestell
    Including wall mount and folding table leg. Table top, laminated decor slate anthracite approx. 85 x 47 cm, Table edges: silver
    Item-No. 18052
  8. Truma Gas Heater E 2400 (not pictured)
    Built in furniture module, incl fireplace. The fireplace and the opening for it still have to be attached to the vehicle.
    E 2400 installed - Item-No. 720304E

If a compact bus is desired Here you will find the camper bus facility for the VW Transporter with a short wheelbase:
FreeVan on VW T5 & T6 short wheelbase
Also available as a complete camper bus! Here you will find this camper bus facility as a turnkey new vehicle:
Reimo FreeVan on VW T5

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