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Reimo X-Trem Isolator self-adhesive

X-trem self-adhesive

Reimo X-Trem Isolator self-adhesive
  • Product overview M50000

    • self-adhesive, therefore easy to process
    • Heat resistant up to 120°C
    • High thermal insulation
    • Extremely light
  • Availability
    immediately available

  • ab 28.99 €
  • incl. VAT, plus shipping and handling charges


Best.Nr. Bezeichnung Stärke Preis Warenkorb
immediately available
X-Trem Isolator 10mm  
28.99 €
immediately available
X-Trem Isolator 20mm  
39.99 €
  • X-trem insulator does not absorb moisture, it is extremely flexible (360°) and fits perfectly to the body.X-trem does not squeak, has a soothing effect, is resistant to most solvents and high temperatures, and is largely harmless to building biology.Made of closed-pore foamed polyethylene. The adhesive layer is covered with protective foil. Plate size:1x2m

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