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Twin 640 SPX Plus

Twin 640 SPX Plus

2 + 1 (Optional) Sleeping places
4 Seats
636 cm x 205 cm x 259 cm
3500 kg
Fiat Ducato Fiat Ducato

Technical specifications

Fiat Ducato / 120 Multijet (88kW) / 3500kg
Fiat Ducato / 140 Multijet (103kW) / 3500kg
Fiat Ducato / 160 Multijet (118kW) / 3500kg
Fiat Ducato / 160 Multijet (118kW) / 3500kg Maxi
Fiat Ducato / 180 Multijet (131kW) / 3500kg Maxi
Fly protection on sliding door
Electrical operation on the sliding door (no need for an external table holder)
Frame window
Panorama roof hood 70x50cm in living room
Roof hood 40x40cm in the bedroom
Mushroom fan in bathroom
Sliding door stop (half position)
Reversing alarm
Third Stoplight
Cross bed dinette (180x100-50cm)
Long bed Dinette (160x55cm)
Isofix child seat attachment, rear seat (1 piece)
Raised floor in the seating area
Innerspring mattress in fixed bed (s)
Outdoor table mount
Table extension
Wall cabinets in wood look
Series upholstery Paol
Bronson fabric upholstery option (MT02J9)
Seating cushion 120mm in special foam
Mattress cover
Cassette toilet, rotatable
Swiveling shower screen
Shower mixer separately
Fresh water tank 100 liters (living position)
Waste water tank 70 liters
Waste water tank insulated and heatable
Built-on battery AGM, 100Ah
Additional body battery AGM, 100Ah
Charging booster (for more optimal charging while driving)
Socket 230V, 12V, USB
Residual current circuit breaker 230V and main switch 12V
LED spot lights, LED awning light
LED ambient lighting
Solar system 80W
Control panel
Fire extinguisher
Truma Combi 4 gas heater with boiler
Truma Combi 4E gas heater with boiler and electric auxiliary heater
LCD control panel CP plus
Storage space heating
Floor temperature control electrically
Roof air conditioning living space

Design options


Exterior design

The vehicle

Base vehicle Fiat Ducato

  • Automotive front with up to 2 exterior colors, driver's cabin with pilot seats.

  • Electronically controlled Multijet Euro 6 engines with direct injection, turbocharger and air cooler inlet, for efficient performance.

  • Best in class Euro 6.d 2.3 l Multijet engines with 120, 140, 160, 180 HP, all with low pressure EGR.

  • Easier driving with options such as the ComfortMatic transmission (automatic) and shift point display.

  • Infotainment like Bluetooth radio, MP3 and navigation options.

  • Driver assistance systems and a practical tablet / smartphone holder with USB connection.

  • Options include the electronic stability program (ESP), electronic stability control (ESC), traction and mountain assistant and cruise control.



Practical leveling aid for the vehicle. So you always stand straight!

JOPLIN footrest

The practical footrest makes the Joplin folding chair even more comfortable. Feet up and enjoy your vacation!

Bamboo camping table

The bamboo table is ideal for vans due to its very small pack size. The height-adjustable table (42-65 cm) is perfect for 2-4 people and has a maximum load capacity of 30 kg. Carrying bag included.

ventilation grille

The burglar-proof ventilation for the cab of panel vans. Quick to use and easy to remove. Safe in the rain and protection against mosquitoes thanks to the integrated network.

thermal mat

The 7-layer Isoflex thermal mat is the best protection against heat and cold and at the same time a privacy screen for the windshield, driver and passenger windows. Installation is very easy with suction cups.

car radio

With the right music, the ride is even more fun. The right car radio (e.g. Pioneer DEH-S510BT) offers radio, CD, Spotify, MP3 and even more possibilities to play music.

safety vests

In the event of a breakdown, a safety vest must be worn when leaving the vehicle. Sufficient safety vests for all passengers must also be shown during a check.

CEE cable drum

With the practical cable drum there is no need to roll up a conventional CEE cable and the cable can be stowed away properly.

Warning triangle

For your safety in the event of a car breakdown. The warning triangle is foldable and is stowed in a practical storage box.

first aid pouch

Always prepared for emergencies. Carrying a first-aid kit in a motor vehicle is a legal requirement. (Content according to DIN 13164)

Cab carpet

Cab carpet with non-slip back. The cab can be cleaned quickly and easily. Prevents the original floors in the vehicle from becoming dirty and worn.

bike rack

With a practical bike rack, you can easily take your own bikes with you on vacation. On the Carry Bike 200 DJ model, the vehicle doors can be opened without removing the bicycles (load capacity 35 kg).

Battery camping light

Practical camping light with insect protection function and integrated hook for hanging. Micro USB charging. Different lighting levels can be set.

+ many other extras