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Optima Ontour

Hobby Optima Ontour

The perfect entry-level model with practical equipment and an affordable price.
2 - 6
4 - 6
700 cm - 708 cm

The Optima Ontour is the perfect entry-level model from Hobby, with practical equipment and an entry-level price under 50,000 euros . The four different floor plans fit every individual camping need. The T65 FL and T 65 HFL (with a French double bed) or the T65 GE (single beds) are suitable for couples. In the T65 HKM there are children's bunk beds in the rear of the vehicle - perfect for families!

Floor plans

Optima Ontour T65 HKM

from €49,900.00
to Optima Ontour T65 HKM
4 Sleeping places / 2 Optional
4 Seats / 2 Optional
3500 kg
700 cm x 233 cm x 285 cm

Optima Ontour T65 FL

from €48,850.00
to Optima Ontour T65 FL
2 Sleeping places / 2 Optional
4 Seats
3500 kg
703 cm x 233 cm x 285 cm

Optima Ontour T65 HFL

from €49,900.00
to Optima Ontour T65 HFL
4 Sleeping places
4 Seats
3500 kg
703 cm x 233 cm x 285 cm

Optima Ontour T65 GE

from €48,850.00
to Optima Ontour T65 GE
2 Sleeping places / 1 Optional
4 Seats
3500 kg
708 cm x 233 cm x 285 cm

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Hobby motorhome Optima Ontour 2020 - the new entry-level model from Hobby

The Optima Ontour is the new range from Hobby and the perfect entry-level model with a price below the 50,000 euro mark. Practical equipment and still an unbeatable, affordable price. The simple and modern interior and exterior design fits perfectly into the existing series of Hobby motorhomes. The Optima Ontour is offered in 4 different floor plans . So there is a suitable solution for every individual camping need.

The four layouts of the Optima Ontour - the right solution for every need

Optima Ontour T65 GE & T65 FL - Perfect for couples

In the model T65 GE you can find the classic division of a semi-integrated. Single beds in the rear, the kitchen block in the middle of the vehicle with a combi bathroom opposite and a seating group in the front for up to 5 people. In the model T65 FL there is a French bed for 2 people in the rear and the washroom with toilet right next to it.

Optima Ontour T65 HFL - fold-down bed for 2 additional beds

The T65 HFL has the same floor plan as the T65 FL, but the additional built-in fold-down bed creates two more beds

Optima Ontour T65 HKM - the motorhome for families or groups of up to 6 people

This floor plan is new in 2020. The T65 HKM can accommodate up to 6 people and is therefore a perfect family floor plan. In the rear there is a transverse bunk bed for 2 children, but it is also big enough for 2 adults. The fold-down bed offers space for 2 more people and the seating area below can be converted into a bedchamber for 2. During the day, the large seating group in the middle of the vehicle consists of two bench seats arranged opposite each other and a longitudinal sofa. Up to 6 passengers can spend cozy hours here.

The Hobby full equipment - top equipped as standard

Highlights of the Optima Ontour standard equipment

The Hobby full equipment includes many equipment components that are part of the additional equipment at other motorhome manufacturers. For example, a blackout system for the front and side windows in the cab is installed as standard in the Optima Ontour series. These can be easily attached with magnetic clips, protect against unwanted glances and against sunlight. The blackout blinds also have thermal insulation properties.

In the kitchen you will find perfect lighting thanks to an LED bar and LED spots. A worktop extension in the models T65 HKM and T65 GE expands the space for snipping.

In the washroom, a pull-out clothesline is particularly practical. Towels or wet clothes can be hung here. For optimum ventilation, the bathrooms are equipped with DOMETIC SEITZ Mini Heki roof hoods.

For pleasant temperatures in the Optima Ontour, the warm air ducts of the TRUMA Combi 6 heater optimally distribute the heating air in the vehicle. The waste water tank is also insulated and can be heated - frost has no chance here.

Optional equipment available

In addition to the extensive standard equipment, other optional extras are available. This allows the motorhome to be adapted to your needs. Here are some examples of the special equipment:

  • bike rack
  • Awning
  • satellite system
  • Bed widening for single beds
  • Pleated insect screen for front door
  • and much more