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Siesta De Luxe

Hobby Siesta De Luxe

The family-friendly model - lots of space, large storage spaces
4 - 6
624 cm - 699 cm

The ideal alcove model for the whole family . The Siesta De Luxe offers plenty of space, large storage spaces and a modern and practical interior. The standard full equipment is easy on the travel budget, because no expensive extras are necessary to start your vacation comfortably.

Floor plans

Siesta De Luxe A60 GF

from €59,700.00
to Siesta De Luxe A60 GF
4 Sleeping places
4 Seats
3500 kg
624 cm x 234 cm x 307 cm

Siesta De Luxe A65 GM

from €59,950.00
to Siesta De Luxe A65 GM
4 Sleeping places / 2 Optional
4 Seats
3500 kg
649 cm x 234 cm x 307 cm

Siesta De Luxe A70 GM

from €62,220.00
to Siesta De Luxe A70 GM
4 Sleeping places / 2 Optional
4 Seats
3500 kg
699 cm x 234 cm x 307 cm

Your contact for questions:

Madhat Yousf
Territorial jurisdiction: Raum Frankfurt
phone: 06103-7339-380
e-mail: [email protected]

Motorhome Hobby Siesta De Luxe - alcove motorhome from Hobby

The alcove motorhome Siesta De Luxe from Hobby is ideal for parents and children. Here you will find everything that is important for families on a motorhome trip: plenty of space for all family members, large storage space for luggage and functional equipment. With the Hobby full equipment, the alcove motorhome Siesta De Luxe is ready to go from the factory. Expensive extras are not required to start your vacation. Three different layouts are available.

The three layouts of the Siesta De Luxe motorhome

Siesta De Luxe A60 GF - 4 sleeping places

The A60 GF floor plan is equipped with a transverse bed in the rear and two additional beds in the alcove. The seating area consists of a half dinette and the rotating cab seats, so that 4 people can sit comfortably here. Behind the dinette is the compact washroom with an integrated shower including a designer shower column, where shampoo and shower gel can be safely stowed away in the storage compartments.

Siesta De Luxe A65 GM with bunk beds - up to 6 beds

This floor plan offers sleeping space for a maximum of 6 people. In the rear of the vehicle there is a bunk bed that is ideal for children. Two more people find their place in the alcove and the seating area, consisting of two opposite bench seats (full dinette), can also be converted into a bed for two people (194 x 130 cm).

Siesta De Luxe A70 GM with transverse bed - up to 6 beds

In the Siesta De Luxe, a transverse bed with a width of 140 cm is installed in the rear of the vehicle. Alcoves and the converted seating area offer additional sleeping spaces.

Hobby full equipment - ready to go on vacation

The highlights of the Siesta De Luxe standard equipment

The Siesta De Luxe is ready for the trip at the factory. A lot of things that make a vacation pleasant and carefree are included right from the start thanks to the full hobby equipment.

Thanks to the latest materials and construction technology, SIESTA DE LUXE is very well insulated . The GRP roof dampens rain noise and offers significantly better protection against hail damage than conventional aluminum roofs. All models are equipped with a GRP subfloor as standard. Look forward to many ALL-INCLUSIVE HIGHLIGHTS without hidden additional costs.

The rear garage with its large volume is also insulated and heated so that no heat is lost. Thanks to the large opening angle, bicycles and bulky luggage can be easily stowed away. Access from both sides makes loading even more convenient. The 12-volt / 230-volt sockets supply electrical devices (e.g. e-bikes) with electricity directly in the garage.

The thermal functional floor HOBBYTherm® provides additional insulation and consists of a 65 mm thick sandwich structure based on solid XPS insulation. This material is particularly insensitive to moisture and robust against rotting. The area of the indoor hot air duct is also used as indirect underfloor heating in heating mode.

Thermal functional flooring HOBBYTherm® in the Siesta De Luxe

The hot air heater Truma Combi 6 including a hot water boiler distributes the warm air optimally throughout the alcove motorhome and ensures cozy temperatures.

The entrance door of the Siesta De Luxe models are extra wide , with storage compartments, trash cans (including integrated hand brush and shovel side) and an insect screen pleated blind. The children's bunk beds in model A65 GM are secured with a stable fall-out protection and designed with cold foam mattresses.

Special equipment optionally available

In addition to the comprehensive standard equipment, further options are available as special equipment. All equipment requirements and many individual solutions so that you can tailor your hobby camper to your needs and requirements. Here are some examples:

  • bike rack
  • satellite system and LED flat screen
  • towbar
  • roof air conditioner with heating function
  • Alloy rims
  • and much more