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Adria Mobil FAHRZEUGE Alpina

The year-round caravan
4 - 9
784 cm - 1103 cm
637 cm - 953 cm

The Alpina convinces with its extraordinary loft style and stands out from all other caravans. Especially large living spaces , a chic luxurious ambience and its robustness make the Alpina a special caravan. The Alde warm water heating is installed as standard in the Alpina, which means that winter camping is not a problem either.

Floor plans

Alpina 583 LP

French bed & 2 additional beds after converting the seating area

to Alpina 583 LP
4 Sleeping places
2000 kg
784 cm x 246 cm x 259 cm
637 cm

Alpina 613 UT

Comfortable single beds with adjoining bathroom

to Alpina 613 UT
4 Sleeping places
1900 kg
819 cm x 246 cm x 259 cm
676 cm

Alpina 663 HT

Queen bed in the rear with easy access from both sides

to Alpina 663 HT
5 Sleeping places
2000 kg
869 cm x 246 cm x 259 cm
728 cm

Alpina 663 PT

Queen bed in the front part

to Alpina 663 PT
6 Sleeping places / 1 Optional
2000 kg
868 cm x 246 cm x 259 cm
728 cm

Alpina 663 UK

Cot and U-shaped seating area in the front

to Alpina 663 UK
6 Sleeping places / 1 Optional
2000 kg
865 cm x 246 cm x 259 cm
723 cm

Alpina 753 HK

Spacious kitchen in the front part and cot

to Alpina 753 HK
7 Sleeping places / 1 Optional
2500 kg
953 cm x 246 cm x 259 cm
810 cm

Alpina 753 HT

Large kitchen in the front and spacious bathroom

to Alpina 753 HT
5 Sleeping places
2500 kg
953 cm x 246 cm x 259 cm
810 cm

Alpina 753 UP

With U-shaped seating and French bed

to Alpina 753 UP
6 Sleeping places
2500 kg
959 cm x 246 cm x 259 cm
810 cm

Alpina 903 HT

Large kitchen and bathroom, and French bed accessible from both sides

to Alpina 903 HT
9 Sleeping places
2800 kg
1103 cm x 246 cm x 259 cm
953 cm

Caravan Adria Alpina - winter caravan - year-round caravan

The Alpina caravan with a contemporary interior design and nine available floor plans . The stylish and modern furnishings offer an even larger living space with a selection of upholstery fabrics. The year-round caravan Adria Alpina can also be used as a winter caravan in winter without any problems. When it gets cold, the optional, fully integrated Alde heating with smart control ensures a cozy feeling of being at home.

Enjoy comfortable living in a loft style with the spacious seating area, extra comfort with elegant headrests, well-organized storage space and optimally controllable lighting. In the Adria smart kitchen you have everything you need: an oven with an elegant chrome look, a large refrigerator and optimized storage space. The large hotel-style bathroom impresses with quality features in an ergonomic design and good workmanship of the materials.

Highlights in the interior of the Adria Alpina caravan

The interior of the Alpina is designed in a loft style. Large living spaces and a luxurious ambience create a special living atmosphere in the Alpina. The Alpina is also practical and robust.

  • Interior design in loft style
  • New selection of upholstery fabrics
  • Comfortable beds with thick mattresses in the parents bed
  • space for up to 9 people (depending on the floor plan)
  • Extra large and flexible, lounge-like seating group
  • Panorama window on most models
  • Adria's smart kitchen with gas cooker, sink, work surface and integrated oven
  • Large fridge
  • Ergo bathroom with high-quality equipment
  • Bluetooth with USB ports and speakers
  • New concave wall cabinets with optimized storage space

Highlights in the exterior of the Adria Alpina caravan

  • Adria's exclusive " I " exterior design with a particularly large panoramic window on most floor plans
  • Wide entrance door (60 cm wide)
  • Luxury frame window with integrated mosquito net and roller blinds
  • New LED taillights with curtain technology
  • AL-KO chassis with Continental tires and aluminum rims

Highlights outside Alpina