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From entry-level models to luxury caravans - Hobby has all types of caravans in its range. When designing the caravans, there are maximum quality requirements for materials, construction and manufacturing. With six available series , the customer can choose between 58 different layouts . The focus of all Hobby caravans is intelligent room solutions that offer plenty of space and a homely atmosphere. In 2020 the rear of the Hobby caravan series Ontour, Deluxe, Deluxe Edition and Excellent was revised and renewed.

Innovations Hobby Caravan 2020

With the exception of the PREMIUM series, Hobby is now presenting the new automotive rear for all models. This rear design has been very popular with the PRESTIGE since last season and has now been adapted to the other hobby series. The rear views of the caravans now appear young and dynamic.

Two new floor plans will be presented in the PRESTIGE series in the 2020 season:

  • 560 FC: spacious, with a French bed, side washroom with separate shower and a cozy and large C-Lounge in the bow
  • 720 WQC: two-axle vehicle with a large queen-size bed in a comfortable bedroom, bathroom adjacent to the bedroom with a separate shower and a large C-lounge for up to eight people in the bow

Grundrisse Prestige 560 FC & 720 WQC

This season the developers focus on intelligent room solutions with lots of space and a homely atmosphere. Hobby offers the best floor plan for every situation.

The six series of Hobby caravans - the right model for every situation in life

Hobby caravan Ontour

The Hobby Ontour with a weight of 1,200 kg and a width of 2.20 m is perfect for beginners or for people who like to travel with less luggage. Four different floor plans are available, including a family floor plan.

Hobby caravan De Luxe

The Hobby De Luxe caravan is particularly family-friendly , because six of the 18 available floor plans have a children's area on board. In 2020 the Hobby De Luxe will have five new layouts: 440 SF, 460 SFf, 540 FU, 540 UFF, 650 KFU, which are already known from the Hobby DE LUXE EDITION, EXCELLENT and PRESTIGE series.

Hobby caravan Deluxe Edition

The Hobby caravan De Luxe Edition looks sporty and dynamic. With its compact travel layout, it's perfect for couples traveling alone and casual families. The sports car has six different layouts. Four of them are family friendly.

Hobby caravan Excellent

The Hobby Excellent caravan is the favorite of all couples. The comfortable equipment, the generous room design, the atmospheric room lighting and the modern exterior design make it the most popular series from Hobby. The EXCELLENT also has 13 different layouts in 2020, with the 560 KMFE layout being replaced by the 650 UMFE layout - known from the PRESTIGE series. New in the living room: The new cream-colored “Manos” upholstery fits perfectly into the rest of the interior.

Hobby caravan Prestige

The Hobby caravans Prestige are well suited for large families or groups who value stylish and spacious living spaces. The noble caravan is available in 11 layouts , including two layouts for families. Two new floor plans will be added for the 2020 season. The PRESTIGE 560 FC and the PRESTIGE 720 WQC.

Hobby caravan Premium

The Hobby PREMIUM radiates pure elegance across the board: from the outer shape to the smallest detail. No other caravan has changed the design of the industry like him. Also in the 2020 season, the six floor plans are perfectly geared to all needs. There are no changes in the interior. For the first time, the TFT control panel and aluminum rims are added as basic equipment.

Hobby caravan CCC anniversary edition

The anniversary model offers great value for money and a great sense of space. With this anniversary model, Germany's big caravan magazine, Camping, Cars & Caravans with its readers for the 25th anniversary. The Excellent 460 SL developed jointly by the editors and the hobby scores with a lot of space and many additional equipment details.

Buy used Hobby caravans

Are you interested in a used hobby caravan or would you like to buy an immediately available new vehicle? Then take a look under the category " used vehicles ". Here you will find used models in very good condition, former demonstration vehicles without previous owners or new vehicles that are immediately available and ready for collection. Make real bargains with the immediately available and cheaper used and demonstration vehicles!