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Hobby Ontour

The compact entry-level model
3 - 5
578 cm - 671 cm
459 cm - 552 cm

Floor plans

Ontour 390 SF

from €15,700.00
to Ontour 390 SF
4 Sleeping places
1200 kg
578 cm x 220 cm x 263 cm
459 cm

Ontour 460 DL

from €17,640.00
to Ontour 460 DL
3 Sleeping places
1300 kg
661 cm x 220 cm x 263 cm
542 cm

Ontour 470 KMF

from €17,980.00
to Ontour 470 KMF
3 Sleeping places / 2 Optional
1350 kg
671 cm x 220 cm x 263 cm
552 cm

Ontour 470 UL

from €18,300.00
to Ontour 470 UL
3 Sleeping places
1350 kg
671 cm x 220 cm x 263 cm
552 cm

Your contact for questions:

Rami Youssef
Territorial jurisdiction: Raum Frankfurt
phone: 061037339381
e-mail: [email protected]

Hobby caravan Ontour - light caravan for beginners

With a weight of 1,200 kg and a width of 2.2 meters, the Hobby Ontour caravan is a real lightweight. However, it still offers enough space for everything you would like to take with you. Thanks to its light weight, the Hobby Ontour is also suitable for smaller towing vehicles.

Hobby caravan Ontour

Four floor plans - the choice is yours

The caravan for beginners is available in four different layouts with a body length of 4.59 meters to 5.52 meters and sleeping spaces for 3 to 5 people.

Hobby Ontour 390 SF

The ontour 390 SF four people can accommodate the transverse bed in the front part of the caravan and the seating area, which can be converted into two additional beds. The compact side kitchen is placed in the middle of the caravan. A compact washroom with a sink and toilet is located next to the seating area in the rear of the caravan. With a permissible total weight, the 390 SF is the lightest hobby caravan.

Hobby Ontour 460 DL

The model 460 DL has two single beds in the bow with a bow window in between (incl. blackout and insect protection) and practical shelves for books and other items. Another person finds a place to sleep after converting the seating area. In the middle are the kitchenette and the compact washroom with sink and toilet.

Hobby Ontour 470 KMF

The 470 KMF can sleep up to 5 people . Two people in the transverse bed, two children in the bunk bed and another person after converting the seating area. The lower bunk bed can be folded up during the day. This creates space for playing and the underside of the bed can even be used as a wipeable board. For the necessary safety, the upper bunk bed is equipped with a stable fall protection. The comfortable center seating group offers enough space for all passengers. The compact washroom with sink and toilet is located directly behind the seating area.

Hobby Ontour 470 UL

There is a round seating group in the rear of the caravan, which can be converted into a comfortable place to sleep. In the bow of the caravan there are two single beds with plenty of storage space below and in the cupboards above. In the compact washroom there is also plenty of storage space for all utensils.

The HOBBY COMPLETE full equipment of the Hobby De Luxe caravan

Standard equipment details that make a holiday in a caravan even more enjoyable.

With the HOBBY COMPLETE fully equipped , the De Luxe caravan is already ready for travel as standard. Among other things, all permanently installed beds are equipped with innerspring mattresses and stable bed frames made of beech glue. At the head of the beds, easy-care upholstery trims ensure a clean finish, chic reading lights provide pleasant light and wide shelves offer enough storage space for books, reading glasses or other utensils. Additional storage space is hidden under the beds. For easy access to this storage option, there are opening aids in the Hobby Ontour caravan and in all other caravan series (with gas pressure spring or spring mechanism). There is also easily accessible storage space for everything you would like to have on holiday under the seating groups.

In the washroom of the Hobby Ontour caravan, a bench toilet developed exclusively for HOBBY by THETFORD with a circumferential sealing lip and smooth surface is installed for easy cleaning. Some Ontour models also use a rotating cassette toilet for optimal use of space. All cosmetic products can easily be stored in the cupboards of the washrooms.

The side windows (except washroom windows) of the Ontour models blinds for protection from sun and insects . The windows themselves are double-glazed, tinted and equipped with safety locks manufactured using the casting process. This manufacturing process and a higher material thickness make the closures particularly robust and more resistant to the effects of cold and heat. Another advantage is the good sound insulation and a reliable tightness (no penetrating moisture).

Optional special equipment - every wish is fulfilled here

The optionally available optional extras offer many individual solutions with which you can tailor the Hobby Ontour caravan to meet your own needs and holiday needs. Here are some available options:

  • electr. Floor heating with heating foils in the walking area
  • elegant awning
  • Drawbar bike rack
  • three-story children's bunk bed
  • oven
  • and much more