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Oblò Heki Seitz

Oblò Heki Seitz
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Hekis corrente Dometic Seitz e un'ampia gamma di accessori

The Heki (from German "Hebe-Kippdach") by Seitz is sort of the granddaddy of skylights, dormer windows and skylights in the camper. Seitz skylights have become a part of the vast range of accessories Dometic Waeco - but the term Heki still used as a synonym for the skylights of various manufacturers.
Whether you opt for the original or for a quality product from another manufacturer, is up to you. Other skylights and skylights, we of course do here in our shop.
On this page you will find updates Hekis 1 to 4, Mini and Midi Hekis, manual or electric - plus lots of accessories such as spoilers, mounting kits and covers.