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Camping Solar Panels, Foladable Solar Panels, Folding Solar Panels

Camping Solar Panels, Foladable Solar Panels

Camping solar panels: charge your phone, operate your camping cool box and many more!

There are two different types of camping solar panels:
First, the foldable solar panels which are applied to a fabric carrier or other flexible carrier material. These camping solar panels can be folded very small. They will find space in almost every tiny corner. But please do not underestimate them! Such a small folding solar panel has essentially the same performance as the rigid and firmly installed 12v solar panel.
The second type is the camping solar panel that is hinged and also portable. Therefore, it is called portable solar panel or solar panel case. You can find them in the category portable solar panel

Why do I need folding solar panels?

Folding solar panels are perfect for your camping- or tent holiday. Simply put your tent or park your vehicle in a shady place so it does not heat up too much. Then take your folding solar panels and lay them out in the sun - done! You can simply connect the solar cable to the battery, the cigarette lighter or via the power plug in your vehicle. Or quickly and easily via your and your 12v solar battery or on-board battery.
The advantage of both types of camping solar panels ist that they are not firmly installed to your vehicle. You can use the folding solar panels flexibly for your campervan, motorhome, car, caravan, summer house or tent.

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Camping solar panels - 120W, 110W, 60W, 50W, 15W or 7W

Folding solar panels were originally invented for the charge retention of stagnant cars. The simple connection is directly possible via the 12v power socket (cigar lighter) in your car, this makes the charge retention super easy. Due to the flexible usage options, the foldable solar panels have quickly become the universal camping solar panels. Many of these camping solar panels are pre-equipped with a solar charge controller. You can charge your smartphone or any other device while sunbathing with the integrated USB output. Please make sure whether the USB connection and/or the charge controller is included in the scope of delivery.
Small devices such as smartphones, tablets, cameras or eBook readers often require more power due to frequent charging.
  • With a small 7W or 15W folding solar panel, your USB device can quickly be charged and you can keep taking perfect vacation pictures.
  • The camping solar panels 50W and 60W are particularly suitable for maintaining the charge on the vehicle's battery.
    Even with longer immobilisation life, with such a camping solar panel, the light and the compensation of devices with hidden power drain should be secured.
  • 110W and 120W folding solar panels would be sufficient in a medium sized motorhome for light, pump, satellite and TV.
With those large 120 watts or 110 watts foldable solar panels you should get enough power for a camping cool box or any other similar device.

Folding solar panels by Carbest - Mobile solar power systems

All of the camping solar panels by Carbest have an extremely small package size and a very good price-performance ratio. The newer camping solar panels impress with many included accessories.
For example
  • Solar Battery = alligator clips
  • Power Socket in car = 12V Plug
  • Power Supply Plug 12V
  • Built-in USB socket
The monocrystalline cells installed in the foldable solar panels are mounted on a light carrier material. This makes them lightweight and very small to stow. You need more power supply? The practical connection cable can be used to connect up to three camping solar panels (82501 or 82502) with each other.
Order now your new folding solar panels, camping solar panels for the perfect and independet camping trip!

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