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Truma Caravan Mover - Truma Motor Mover - Truma Mover®

Truma Caravan Mover - Truma Motor Mover - Truma Mover®

Profit from the purchase of Carbest Cara-Move and Truma Caravan Mover

Write a short mail to verkauf@reimo.com, or ask directly in our shop in Boschring 10 in 63329 Egelsbach!
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Easy to move with Truma Caravan Mover

Here you can find everything from Truma for smooth maneuvering or moving of your caravan and trailer. Because when there is only little space or the ground is wet and uneven it can be very difficult. But not anymore! However, parking or moving with the Truma Mover® is super easy: Guide your caravan comfortably, with millimeter accuracy and safely on any terrain with the Mover® remote control.

Truma Mover® XT

The latest generation of Truma Mover® is the XT for uniaxial and XT2 for biaxial caravans. The Mover® XT is a maneuvering system, which can be steered extremely sensitively. The remote has a knob for steering and a slider for setting the speed. The XT can be exclusively sold and installed by Truma dealer. We are happy to send the XT for you the Truma dealer of your choice.

Have a look on the bottom of this page for further details about the Truma Caravan Mover!

Smooth maneuvering even in difficult terrain

Advantages of the Truma Caravan Mover:
  • Driving 100% straight
  • Extremely reliable
  • Acceleration without jerking
  • Extremely light
  • A Truma Caravan Mover makes your holiday more comfortable!

    Imagine you arrive at the resort after a long journey with your caravan, you are tired and absolutely ready for vacation. Now, maneuvering and parking is on the plan. The pitch is narrow the light is dusky and you really just want to go to bed.
    Moving and parking is easily done with the Truma Mover®. And now you can finally enjoy the relaxing part of the holiday.
    It's in your hands now: You can park your caravan even in the smallest gap with the practical remote control! You simply steer the knob on the remote control with a finger. Accelerate and adjust the tempo of the Truma Caravan Mover with a practical slider.

    To get the most out of your Truma Mover®, there are all sorts of useful accessories for it. You can get the accessory for SR2, Go2 or SER here at Reimo. Whether it's the right power kit or vehicle-specific adapter, there is everything you could ask for, for the Truma Mover®.
    Truma Mover spare parts and Truma Mover SE user manuals are available on our website.

    Prices for the complete Truma caravan mover installation are available at your local dealer or at Reimo in Egelsbach. At the same time, you also have a competent contact person if, contrary to expectations, Truma Mover SR should cause problems. However you are on the safe side in this Caravan Mover shop.

    You want to compare or you are simply not sure? Have a look at the other caravan mover or trailer mover! Whether you are looking for low-priced Carbest caravan movers, or the so-called Enduro Mover, on this page you will find more of this product group.

    An impressive video was created for the Truma XT, which we would like to share with you:

    Truma Mover® XT - the video