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Caravan Jack - Trailer Jack - Caravan Steadies

Caravan Jack - Trailer Jack - Caravan Steadies

Plug-in supports, AL-KO Bigfoot, plastic underlays, support plates, winches, tear-off protection, caravan leveling

Caravan steadies are fitted as standard for all caravans. They are used for horizontal alignment of the trailer and for stability. Thus, the steadies does not sink into soft ground, there is the underlay, also called steady pads.

The AL-KO Bigfoot is the luxury version of a crank steady with premounted pads.
Caravan jacks are usually operated with a handcrank. Operation with cordless screwdriver is faster and more comfortable.
From AL-KO there is also an electronic comfort support system with remote control, the ENDURO® autoSteady set with remote control.