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Motorhome Bike Rack - Motorhome Bike Carrier

Motorhome Bike Rack - Motorhome Bike Carrier

Many years of experience in transporting bicycles with motorhomes

Scroll down for more information about the motorhome bike rack, motorhome bike carrier!

Here you will find motorhome bike racks for larg motorhomes, which are usually attached on the rear side of the motorhome. Especially comfortable are the motorhome bike racks which can be lowered electrically for loading. For heavy bikes and the transportation of E-bikes it is much easier when the motorhome bike carrier can be lowered almost to ground level.

Whether 2 or 4 bikes, it is your desicion!

There is many accessories for attaching the motorhome bike carrier. Some vehicle manufacturers, e.g. Adria, require plastic spacers, so when tightening the screws, the rear wall is not contracted. Fiamma offers a special mounting rail for weak vehicle rear walls, the Fixing Bar Carry Bike, to distribute the load.

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