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Thermal Windscreen Cover, Fiat Ducato Thermal Windscreen Cover, Motorhome Windscreen Cover

Thermomatte außen, Scheibenabdeckung Wohnmobil

Thermal mats outside for all common motorhomes, camper, carvans

The thermal mats for the outside usually cover side windows and windscreen in one piece. In a very light insulation, the ... covers are more suitable for the summer, thicker insulated (espeically with X-trem insulator or polyester fleece), they are also suitable as a windscreen insulation for the winter.

Lux, Lux Duo, X-trem Jacket by Carbest - the cold stays outside!

For winter camping and extreme temperatures (warm or cold), we recoomend the outdoor insulation mat for the entire cab. The exterior insulation X-trem comfort for the Fiat Ducato was tested in Lapland and has proven itself even at low minus temperatures.
Most o the large can covers are hinged or clipped left and right in the doors and attached laterally in the wheels or in the front. The handling of the outdoor insulation camper is very different for each manufacturer. Note the photos and descriptions of the thermal pads for each item.
Discover here our thermal mats for the interior!