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Bicycle rack for Reimo Variotech seat rails

Exclusiv for VW-T5/6 bench seat rails

Bicycle rack for Reimo Variotech seat rails
Bicycle rack for Reimo Variotech seat rails
  • Product number: 95502

    • Suitable for Variotech rails VW-T5/6
    • For mounting in Reimo bench rails
    • Fast installation and removal
    • Safe transpost of expensive wheels
    • Also suitable for e-bikes
  • Availability
    immediately available

  • number

  • 229.00 €
  • incl. VAT, plus shipping and handling charges
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  • The Reimo bicycle carrier for the VW T5/6 assembly in the existing Reimo bench rails.
    Fast and easy installation and removal.
    For safe transport of high-quality bicycles and e-bikes.
    Protection against soiling during travel.
    Individually adjustable in the rail system.

  • Dimensions

  • Scope of Delivery: 2 fastening rails 90cm, holding bracket, 2 bicycle holders D1, 2 bicycle rails.

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