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Mercedes Vito Pop Top Roof, Mercedes Vito Pop Up Roof, Mercedes Vito Elevating Roof, Mercedes Viano Pop Top Roof

Mercedes Vito Pop Top Roof, Mercedes Vito Pop Up Roof, Mercedes Vito Elevating Roof, Mercedes Viano Pop Top Roof

What would a Viano camper or Vito camper be without a Mercedes Vito pop top roof?

The small Mercedes Transporter has long been transformed into a camping vehicle. In 1975 it was developed as a small van, today it is an indispensable part of the streets.
For a long time there has been the connection between Reimo and Mercedes, because as early as 1996, a Mercedes Vito pop top roof was launched simultaneously with the Vito W638. That was also the start of Vito as a car under the name V-class. Since that day, the Vito camper enjoys increasing popularity.
Since 1996 Mercedes Vito pop up roofs, Mercedes Vito pop top roofs, Mercedes Viano pop top roofs are being manufactured at Reimo.

At the moment, Reimo manufactures 2 roof types for Vito Camper or Viano Camper.

Vito Aufstelldach Mercedes Vito pop top roof or Viano pop top roof

- Internally we call it a "sleeping roof", because that describes this roof quite extensively. By opening the Mercedes Vito pop top roof, additional sleeping space is created. As long as you do not use the Mercedes Vito pop top roof, your vehicle will only be slightly higher than originally. The compact Vito Camper fits almost in any garage or underground parking garage.
Here we differentiate the roofs of the newest type, so-called Easy Fit Roofs , which can be set up quickly because the built-in frame is installed directly in the bed. This saves valuable time during installation. Super-flat sleeping roofs are available for every generation of the V-Class, where the installation frame is delivered separately and must be connected to the vehicle in front of the roof.

Hochdach Mercedes Vito high roof

- A Mercedes Vito high roof or Mercedes Viano high roof offers plenty of space and is easy to insulate. Viano high roofs also provide space for storage cabinets, the additional sleeping space makes them suitable for longer trips or colder regions. Mercedes Vito high roofs are glued, but also a mounting frame must be installed in advance. This will give you the rigidity of your vehicle.

TÜV certificates are only valid in connection with the fitting frame suitable for the vehicle