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VW T6, VW T5 campervan conversion kit TrioStyle (short wheelbase)

Campervan Conversion Kit TrioStyle for VW T5 & VW T6 swb Campervan Conversion Kit TrioStyle for VW T5 & VW T6 swb
  • Fully equipped multifunctional campervan and luxurious leisure vehicle
  • Extended camping trip, weekend trip or day-to-day use - the perfect vehicle for any occasion!
  • Equipped with five seats with three-point seat belts and plenty of storage space in the rear
Comfortable rock and roll bed for 2 to 3 people. Stylish furniture module including kitchen with all mod cons: fridge, large wardrobe with clothes compartment, additional cabinet, spacious countertop and dining table.

  1. 1. Rock and Roll bed Variotech 3000®
    3 seats, slidable & removable
    Seat width appr. 123 cm, sleeping space appr. 205 x 126 cm
    Recessed headrests, safety belts, rear cushion foldable, side trim
    Fabric Classic Grey, two-tone
    Item no. 5040000
    Optional fabric Austin T6, two-tone
    Item no. 5040022
    The seat bench can either be equipped with a front panel OR a large storage drawer.
    Front panel item no. 5040080
    Storage drawer item no. 5040090
    Finish "Basalt"
    Optional: Isofix points (installed for 2 seats)
    Isofix - No. 58290M
  2. Rail set “Grizzly” for Variotech 3000®
    aluminium rails, silver anodised, length appr. 246 cm, one driving position
    Rail set item no. 58200
  3. Floor plate 3 pieces
    Suitable for VW T6, VW T5 SWB, length appr. 246 cm
    Decor ship´s deck – item no. 1053822
    Decor "Quad" – item no. 1053821
  4. X-Trem insulator 18 mm (no image)
    Insulation underneath the floor panel
    X-Trem (1 plate) – item no. 50009
    Two plates will be needed for short wheelbase, three plates for long wheelbase!
  5. Furniture module as finished part
    Elegant furniture module including wardrobe with sliding door and clothes compartment, storage space for 2 x 5 kg gas bottles, two drawers. One shutter cabinet to store away for example Porta Potti Cube 335 (item no 660101). Technical items, devices and mounting not included.
    Wooden decor apple item no. 18050
    Options-Holzdekor Hochglanz Weiß
    Wooden decor high-gloss white item no. 18050W
    Technical device kit (no image)
    The device kit contains: sink-cooker combination including glass cover, 2 x 12 l fresh water canister, 1 x 27 l grey water canister, tap, water pump and hoses, 39 l compressor fridge, gas installation, 12 V / 230 W lamp integrated in kitchen module. Ready installed.
    Technical device kit – item no. 191005E
    Furniture module kit (DIY)
    Kit: cabinet with two doors instead of shutter.
    Wooden decor apple
    item no. 18050B
    Wooden decor high-gloss white
    item no. 18050WB
    Eco Line maple
    item no. 18050BE
    Technical device kit for self-installation (details above).
    Technical device kit – item no. 191005
  6. Roof cabinet
    Prefabricated for extra storage space above rear seat bench.
    Wooden decor apple:
    Item no. 18053 for standard roof
    Item no. 18054 for pop top roof
    Item no. 180541 for Easy-Fit roof
    Item no. 180541L for roof with slatted frame
    Wooden decor high-gloss white:
    Item no. 18053W for standard roof
    Item no. 18054W for pop top roof
    Item no. 180541W for Easy-Fit roof
    Item no. 180541LW for roof with slatted frame
  7. Table
    Laminated decor slate, including wall mount and folding table leg. Tabletop appr. 85 x 47 cm
    Item no. 18052
  8. Truma gas heater E 2400 (no image)
    Installed in furniture module including funnel. Funnel and opening need to be mounted tot he vehicle.
    E 2400 installed – item no. 720304E