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Camping Kitchen, Camping Kitchen Unit, Folding Camping Kitchen

Camping Kitchen, Camping Kitchen Unit, Folding Camping Kitchen

Camping kitchen, camping kitchen unit or the folding camping kitchen
- Cooking and storage space for your mobile holiday!

Prepare nice meals for you and your family while being on a camping trip with a camping kitchen. The kitchen is the centerpiece in many homes, so why not do so when camping. The folding camping kitchen is ideal: it can be folded and is therefore very space-saving.

Scroll down for further information about the camping kitchen, camping kitchen unit or folding camping kitchen!

Camping kitchen, camping kitchen unit, folding camping kitchen

The most popular features of the camping kitchen are the camping kitchen unit, with a worktop for the cooker, a windscreen for the camping gas cooker and a cloth storage cupboard underneath. Beneath the worktop next to the cooker, the comfortable models are equipped with a folding sink.
Especially comfortable is the folding camping kitchen. They can be set up quickly and easily with a few simple steps.
If you are planning a holiday in a tent, a caravan, a motorhome or camper van and would like to stay at the campsite for several days or weeks, you will definitely need a camping kitchen.
If you do not want to eat out every day, you will need a camping kitchen that will allow you to cook delicious meals.

Cooking with gas with your camping kitchen

A camping kitchen usually works with gas. You can also choose a hob that works with electric energy. In this case, you must make sure that the fuse protection on campsites is usually quite low (5-10 amps). In addition, electricity at the campsite is often more expensive than at home. A camping kitchen with gas stove should therefore be the first choice.

You need a propane cylinder with the appropriate gas hose and a suitable pressure regulator. Cooking is done on an open flame. The cost is to buy or rent a gas bottle and refill the propane. In addition, you have the advantage that you can cook completely independently of the electricity.

The equipment of the camping kitchen in caravan, motorhome and campervan can vary

Usually, you have an integrated kitchen in the motorhome or caravan. In any case, this is a combination of stove, sink and cabinets, where you can place dishes, pots and cutlery. A fridge is also included in the equipment of a kitchen. The fridge can be powered by electricity but also gas. While driving the fridge is recharged by the batterie of the motorhome, camper or caravan. Many fridges are also equipped with a small freezer compartment.
In addition, these often offer an integrated microwave or oven. Both are operated electrically. A solar system with voltage transformer installed on the motorhome, camper or caravan offers independence.

The folding camping kitchen for awning or tent is easy to transport

If you travel with a tent, a folding camping kitchen is indispensable for a longer holiday. The equipment of the folding camping kitchen is much simpler. You can buy a stove that works with gas or electricity, and a foldable cupboard. Also a sink can be integrated in the folding camping kitchen.

The folding camping kitchen offers storage space for crockery, cutlery, pots and supplies. A faucet can be e.g. integrated with a canister water system. Or you collect the dishes in the dishwashing tub and then go to wash them off. You can choose between a cooker with one, two or three flames when equipping your tent's camping kitchen. The cabinets are also available in different sizes. If you want to save weight, choose a gas cooker (cartridge cooker), to which a small handy disposable gas cylinder (gas cartridge) is used instead of a large propane bottle.
Professionals, permanent campers and extended families rely on a high quality 2 or 3 burner gas cooker with gas cylinder.

Camping kitchen unit with quick set up system

There are camping kitchens to stick together and there are camping kitchens to simply unfold. Which one you choose is totally up to you! Both types are quick to set up. Especially fast to set up are the folding camping kitchens as camping kitchen unit. They are simply taken out of the carrying bag and some folding or "unfolding" movements create a stable camping kitchen unit. The "stick together" version is usually a little bit cheaper and can be set up in just a few simple steps. Both variants of the camping kitchen unit provide additional storage space and work space.

A camping kitchen is expandable

The camping kitchen can be expanded with other cabinets, such as storage cupboard, cooker cupboard and sink. So you can put together your own individual camping kitchen with numerous, different camping furniture.
Surely you will find here the right camping kitchen, folding camping kitchen or camping kitchen unit for your needs. Just take a look.

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