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Satellite system for motorhome, caravan, camper, camping & TV 12V and navi motorhome
Navis, radios, 12 volt TVs and satellite systems for motorhomes, caravans, caravans, camping buses buy now cheap in the Reimo camping accessories shop! Whether a fully automatic satellite system, a mobile satellite system for your T5/T6 camper or a portable satellite dish for your VW Caddy. You've come to the right place.  In this category, we offer you a large selection of camping satellite systems at a favourable price. You can also buy your fully automatic flat antenna for your small caravan or your camping satellite system for your van as well as the modern navigation system or the matching 12V camping TV in the Reimo Camping Shop.  

But which satellite system should I buy for my motorhome? What should I look out for when buying a satellite system? Where can I buy a satellite dish? What does a camping satellite system cost?  Browse through our range of products and let yourself be inspired by our camping satellite systems. You're sure to find the right one for you! In our detailed Reimo guide, we answer many questions about satellite dishes. We explain the most common abbreviations and advantages of a satellite dish. In addition, you can find out what to look out for when buying a satellite dish.

Buying camping satellite systems - What are the advantages?
How does a camping satellite dish work? How can I mount my satellite dish? What satellite accessories do I need? How can I align my satellite system? Camping satellite system automatic or manual? Learn everything you need to know in this video!

Carbest satellite system, Kathrein & Ten Haaft satellite system - Which one to choose?
Which mobile home satellite system to buy? Which brand is the best? What is a satellite dish? Who is the satellite dish suitable for? How big does the satellite dish have to be? What should I look for when buying a camping satellite system? Where can I find a satellite dish guide? What is a satellite system complete set? What is a camping satellite system? You want to buy a satellite system for camping and don't know exactly which satellite system you should buy? No problem! We have put together various satellite systems for you. On this page you will find the following brands:
✔ Carbest satellite systems fully automatic
✔ Ten Haaft Oyster camping satellite systems incl. TV
✔ Kathrein satellite systems
✔ Maxview satellite systems Twister and Precision
✔ Teleco satellite systems
✔ Megasat satellite systemsCampingman, Shipman, Satmaster flat antenna

Why should I buy a Carbest satellite system?
The Carbest satellite dishes are easy to install and they offer simple and interference-free TV reception in good quality. In addition, these satellite systems are made of powder-coated aluminium or die-cast aluminium and are also equipped with a pull-out weather protection for the connections. They deliver brilliant pictures in Full HD and ensure the best quality in picture and sound. They are equipped with the latest technology for DVB-S/S2 and are ready for the new Ultra HD standards.

In addition, they can be mounted very quickly and their compact size makes them very suitable for mobile use. For example, they can be used without any problems in the camping area or when camping. Carbest satellite systems are ideal for motorhomes, campers, caravans and camping. Select the right satellite system size now.

Satellite system for motorhomes, caravans and campers
Satellite systems for mobile homes and caravans usually find the right satellite within 1 - 2 minutes. With a satellite system for mobile homes, you usually have TV reception even if your mobile home is parked under a tree. A satellite system for motorhomes can be retrofitted to many vehicles and caravans. Let your Reimo dealer advise you!

The satellite antennas from Ten-Haaft offer different installation options for mast mounting, wall mounting or for setting up with a stand. These satellite systems consist of a satellite dish with a diameter of 60 cm and a single LNB for one subscriber. They are suitable for DVB-S and DVB-S2 reception and deliver TV pictures in Full HD or Ultra HD. In addition, these satellite dishes have a very good reception strength and deliver a good TV picture even in bad weather thanks to an additional reserve. The satellite dish can be easily mounted on a mast or wall and is made of durable plastic and powder-coated steel.

The camping satellite systems for motorhomes and camping buses are also ideal for caravans and camping. It is hard to imagine a mobile holiday without satellite systems for motorhomes, caravans, camping and campers. Whether you want a tracking satellite system, a mobile satellite system, a manual or an automatic satellite system, you are sure to find what you are looking for here in the Reimo camping shop!

DVB-T2 antenna for motorhomes - an affordable alternative?
With DVB-T2 antennas, you have digital reception in almost all of Germany and in many European countries without needing a camper van satellite system. Spain, France, Italy and many other countries offer DVB-T. In most cases, terrestrial television is broadcast in the national language, so you may need to inform yourself in advance.

2 Volt camping TV with HD quality and TV mount for caravans, motorhomes.
Enjoy comfortable television even while driving and full reception wherever you are: Modern satellite systems offer TV reception in the best HD quality and ensure that you don't have to miss out on enjoying digital entertainment or fast internet in your camper van, even on your camping holiday. These satellite systems for camping can be automatically aligned to the satellite.

12-volt TVs have not stood still in time. Here, too, blacklight, smart TV and triple tuner are no longer foreign words. The small 12V TVs convince with pin-sharp picture quality. Paired with the robust construction of a camping TV, which can easily withstand shaking or hot temperatures. The TV mounts offered for motorhomes, campers, panel vans and caravans are very stable and keep your 12V camping TV at the perfect viewing angle.

Navi for motorhomes, 12V radio for camping and loudspeaker boxes for motorhomes, campers and caravans
Navi for motorhomes, 12V radio for caravans and camping, loudspeaker boxes for motorhomes, caravans, campers, panel vans and camping buses can be found in a large selection in the Reimo camping accessories shop. The camper sat nav makes it much easier for you to find the perfect route. In a good camper sat nav, you can enter the dimensions and weight of your vehicle in advance. Equipped with this information, the Womo Navi calculates the perfect route for you.

Images from social media of roofs coming off tunnels or motorhomes getting stuck in narrow streets will soon be a thing of the past. Of course, with a motorhome navigation device you will no longer miss any interesting sights. With the desired presetting, most navigation devices become a small, private tourist guide. Other navigation systems, such as those from Al-Car, are ideally suited to the T5 Camper and the Fiat Ducato. Please refer to the respective product description to find out whether your radio is equipped with a naviceiver or infotainment system and the matching speakers!

Retrofit reversing camera & reversing alarm for motorhome, camper, van and caravan
A wireless reversing camera for motorhomes and a reversing alarm make parking with motorhomes, campers and caravans much easier. Especially on small campsites with narrow wooded lots, it can be quite tight. Here, motorhome reversing cameras and reversing alarms are very helpful. Many wireless reversing cameras and reversing alarms can be retrofitted in any motorhome, camper van or caravan. With wireless reversing cameras, you save on laying cables to the camera, while permanently installed reversing cameras shine with a largely interference-free image.

Satellite cable, roof duct, satellite socket, satellite accessories and installation from a single source.
Whether satellite cable, roof feed-through or satellite socket for motorhomes, caravans and campers. Here in the Reimo camping shop you will find everything you need for the installation, mounting of your camping satellite system motorhome, satellite dish, manual satellite system or flat antenna. For example: satellite receiver, satellite finder, satellite distributor, satellite dish, satellite adapter, satellite mount, satellite mast, satellite plug, coaxial cable, satellite tripod and TV mount for caravans, vans, motor homes and campers - swivelling, height-adjustable, extendable. Take a look!

Which camping accessories for my camping holiday?
Buy automatic camping satellite antennas for motorhomes, campers and caravans in the Reimo Camping Shop. ✔Top quality ✔Top brands ✔Huge selection ✔Favourable ✔High-quality workmanship - that's what Reimo camping accessories promise. But which satellite dish to buy for my camper? Which camping accessories to buy? Here we have compiled the most important camping articles for your camping holiday:
 ✔ Camping tables
 ✔ Camping chairs
 ✔ Camping gas cooker
 ✔ Awnings
 ✔ Carbest reversing camera
 ✔ Carbest TV 12V
 ✔ Megasat receiver
 ✔ Alphatronics TV enjoyment with the Smart TV
 ✔ Mc Camping TV: the affordable entry-level brand for full TV enjoyment
 ✔ Dometic with PerfectView RVS and other reversing camera systems
 ✔ Navis for motorhomes: Garmin, Pioneer, Tomtom, AVTEX, EASYNAV, XZENT