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Camping equipment: Camping tents, lamps, cooker, mats and many more!

In our camping shop you get everything for camping, such as camping tents, family tents, sleeping bags and inflatable mats.

Look out for the camping equipment of our own brands:

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    technical camping equipment from camping lamp to inverter

Here you will find a wide range of tent pegs! and impregnants for your tent, pavilions, Tarps and van awnings!

Camping equipment – what do I need?

The preparation or planning around the camping equipment to be taken is of enormous importance to have a fun and pleasant camping trip that does not end in frustration. The weather can not be influenced, but your own requirements can be fulfilled very well with the optimal camping equipment.

Fun and comfortable camping trips: It depends on the right camping tent!

First of all, choosing the right tent for camping is an important decision. The decisive factor is the number of traveler who use it as a place to sleep. But the bigger the tent, the more weight you have to transport. A foldable "family bungalow" can be found in almost any trunk, but it is difficult to carry along with the rest of the camping equipment over long distances. Good tents, which can accommodate one or two people, weigh no more than three to four kilograms, including pegs and poles.

Camping tents: High-quality workmanship is a crucial criterion

When choosing a camping tent you should always pay attention to the appropriate quality. For example, there are extremely low-priced tents, which are a real bargain, often already under water during the first downpour. Therefore - especially at camping in rainy regions - great value should always be placed on a high-quality processed outer skin. In addition, it is advantageous for camping equipment, if the material is correspondingly breathable. High-quality tents can be identified, for example, by a particularly windproof fabric roof and as many fastening points as possible. Many tunnel and dome tents meet these criteria for optimal camping equipment.

Camping equipment from the tarpaulin and the rubber mallet to waterproof bags

A tarpaulin as part of the camping equipment, especially as a protection against strong sunlight or for wet ground is almost indispensable. Just in case, you should always have additional pegs and guy cords should always be in the luggage. Indispensable is a rubber mallet without which hardly the tent nails can drift into hard underground. If a tent does not have sufficient sheltered storage space, waterproof bags should be considered when planning

Comfortable camping holiday

If you like it comfortable, you should integrate a sleeping pad in your camping equipment. Inflatable sleeping pads, folding beds or air mattresses with several chambers have a corresponding lying comfort.
If a longer camping stay at a certain location is planned, a stable camping table made of aluminum and solid camping chairs should be part of the basic equipment.
Also important is the quality of entrained sleeping bags. In cooler regions, a model with 90% down fill certainly proves to be the optimal alternative. An easy-care and usually well-durable synthetic fiber sleeping bag has also proven to be good. For areas with longer rain periods, the synthetic fiber sleeping bag is much more practical.
Last but not least, there are also the little things like a camping cookware made of aluminum, stainless steel or melamine, camping cutlery, a cool box, a flashlight and a first-aid kit, that makes a camping holiday much more comfortable and easy.

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