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Buy affordable camping tent for 4 persons, 2 persons or 3 persons
Buy camping tents at a great price. Camping in a tent is a wonderful way to enjoy a camping holiday. On a campsite in the countryside, campers are as close to nature as rarely before. A suitable camping tent is a mobile bedroom, living room and camping kitchen at the same time. Camping tents protect against rain and wind and also keep out biting insects. Depending on the number of campers, the area of use and the equipment, there is a wide range of tents: from 4-person tents to 2-person tents to huge family tents with several rooms.

You will find a large selection of camping tents for 6 people, 3 people, 5 people and many other camping articles for your camping holiday in the Reimo camping shop. You can also buy camping holiday tent brands such as Coleman, Reimo Tent Technology as well as the matching accessories or spare parts at low prices from us. Browse through our extensive range now and be inspired by our camping holiday tent trend. Whether camping tents for 4 people with an awning or camping tents for 8 people for the whole family. At Reimo you will find everything you are looking for for your camping holiday, camper, caravan, van and motorhome.

Which tent to buy?
The tent is one of the most important camping equipment for every camper. Whether it's the family tent for your next camping holiday or a 2-person tent for hiking, the tent is part of every adventure. Camping is a great way to experience nature up close. The most decisive criterion when choosing a tent is the number of people. If you want to go camping with your family, you might want to get a Reimo Tent Technology family tent. Besides the question of how many people should sleep in the tent, the question of construction is the most important. Most tents consist of an outer tent and an inner tent.
Before you buy your tent, you should ask yourself these questions:  Who will sleep in the tent?  What do I need the tent for? Which tent to buy? Camping tent? Trekking tent?  Hiking tent? Family tent? or 2-person tent? You should also ask yourself when and where you want to sleep in it? How many people should sleep in the tent? What is the maximum weight of the tent? What temperature, weather and ground conditions do you expect on site? What are the comfort requirements for the tent? How much space is required for the equipment? Is the tent inflatable? waterproof?

Buy camping tents for 2 persons or 3 persons.
Most of the camping tents in the Reimo Camping Shop are waterproof, stable in the wind, water-resistant and available in many colours and sizes. They also have optimum headroom and impress with their quality and quick pitching. Whether you're going camping, trekking, hiking or on an outdoor holiday, you've come to the right place!

Reimo Tent Technology awnings and tunnel tents offer enough space for campers and even for luggage. Most camping tents are so high that campers can sit comfortably in the camping tent inner tent. Some camping tents of this size are even so high that you can almost stand upright. Depending on the design and type of construction, 2 to 3 sleeping mats and sleeping bags fit well next to each other. For the whole family, wide sleeping mats or air mattresses are also available in the camping shop, which turn the entire interior into a comfortable sleeping area.

Camping tent for 4 or 6 people
Large family tents from Reimo Tent Technology or Outdoor Revolution offer an enormous amount of space. They have several rooms and feature a spacious living area & dining area. A large camping tent for 6 people is well suited for the whole family. A family tent for 5 people has comfortable headroom and large doors.

With appropriate camping furniture such as camping kitchen, camping chairs, air sofa, or camping tables, they become small holiday homes in nature. Family tents are made with steel or fibreglass poles. Inflatable family tents are also available for families on camping holidays in the Reimo Camping Shop.

Camping tent inflatable & waterproof for car, VW Caddy, camper, camping
If you want to spend the night in nature, a stable and waterproof camping tent is important. You can buy inflatable camping tents for camping, campers, VW Caddy, VW T5/T6, T4 at affordable prices in the Reimo camping accessories shop. In addition to the brands Carbest, Camp4, Holiday Travel and Reimo Tent Technology, Reimo offers you a large selection of camping accessory brands for motorhomes, campers and caravans. For example: high-quality camping tents waterproof, dimmable LED camping light or camping lamp or powerful air pump for air mattresses. Discover our camping tent offers and bestsellers for camping, campers, motorhomes, camping holidays and order your favourite items now, just in time for the start of camping!

Under Reimo Tent Technology, Camp4, Carbest and Holiday Travel Reimo manufactures many camping articles for you. ✔ Top quality, ✔ innovative design ✔ good value for money. For example: self-inflating sleeping mats, air mattresses as well as blanket, mummy and down sleeping bags. The complete camping and outdoor equipment for a successful camping tent holiday or trekking tour.

Reimo Tent Technology camping tents are developed by us in Germany, with a particularly good price-performance ratio. Carbest high-quality camping products for motorhomes, campers and caravans include technical camping articles from camping lamps to 12V/230V inverters. Camp4 camping articles are particularly good value and are ideal for campers, camping, motorhomes, panel vans, VW Caddy and T5/T6 campers. Holiday Travel camping articles are chic and space-saving camping products, perfect for travelling in a camper van.

You will also find useful outdoor camping products such as camping lamps, dynamo lamps, headlights, insect protection, camping cookers, marten repellent, gas lamp & gas cartridges and much more! You will also find a large selection of tent pegs and waterproofing agents for your tent! Here you can go directly to awnings, awnings, camping tables, camping chairs, folding pavilion, tarp, bus awning! Here you will find an overview of our brands such as:

Tents for camping, outdoor, camping holidays, hiking, trekking - what do you need?
To ensure that camping is fun and enjoyable and does not end in frustration, preparation and planning for the camping products to take with you is of enormous importance. You can't influence the weather, but you can meet your own requirements with the right camping equipment. Camping gadgets are a somewhat different kind of camping article. Camping gadgets comes from the English language and refers to camping articles that you need but don't need. Example: The LED light with flame effect and Carbest Bluetooth speaker are not really needed, but it is "cool" to have this camping gadget with you.

Camping with fun and comfort: it's all about the equipment!
First and foremost, the choice of the right camping tent is an important decision criterion when camping. The first decisive factor is the number of holidaymakers who will use the camping tent as a place to sleep. The larger the camping tent is chosen, the more weight it has to carry. A foldable "family bungalow" can fit in almost any car boot, but is difficult to carry over long distances together with the other camping items. Good camping tents that offer space for 1 or 2 people, on the other hand, weigh little more than 3 to 4 kilograms including ground pegs and poles.

If you want to buy a camping tent, then you are in good hands at Reimo, because you are sure to find the right one in our extensive range and expert advice.

Camping articles: High-quality workmanship is a decisive criterion
When choosing camping articles to use, especially camping tents, you should always pay attention to appropriate quality. For example, extremely inexpensive camping tents are often submerged in water at the first real downpour. Therefore, especially when camping in regions where experience has shown that it rains a lot, great importance should always be attached to a high-quality outer shell. In addition, it is advantageous for camping accessories if the material is correspondingly breathable. High-quality camping tents can be recognised, for example, by a particularly windproof fabric roof and as many fastening points as possible. Many tunnel and dome tents fulfil these criteria with regard to optimal camping equipment.

Camping gadgets, the small stuff the camper needs
Camping gadgets are small camping items that make life easier for campers. In addition to choosing a camping tent that meets your needs, you must of course also choose the other camping articles and camping gadgets that match the place you are staying and your own requirements. A camper can rarely do without a tent tarpaulin as a camping article. Especially as protection against strong sunlight or for damp to wet ground, a tent tarpaulin is almost indispensable as part of the camping equipment.

It is also an excellent visual screen. For safety's sake, you should always have extra pegs and guy ropes in your luggage. A rubber mallet is indispensable, without which it is almost impossible to drive tent pegs into hard ground. If a camping tent does not have a sufficiently dimensioned protected storage space, waterproof bags should also be considered when planning. Then there are the camping gadgets, for example from the Holiday Travel series. These camping gadgets not only look good, they are also practical to use. Like the Holiday Travel poncho blanket, for example, in which you can wrap up and enjoy the campfire even on cooler evenings.

Professional camping products bring more holiday comfort
If you like it comfortable, you should include a sleeping pad in your camping equipment. On traditional, firm camping mats, the camper usually lies comparatively hard. In contrast, inflatable mattresses, folding beds or air mattresses with several chambers are more comfortable. If a longer camping stay is planned at a particular location, a sturdy aluminium camping table and solid camping chairs should also be part of the basic equipment.

The quality of the sleeping bags you bring with you is also important. In cooler regions, a model with a 90-percent down filling is certainly the best alternative. An easy-care and generally durable synthetic fibre sleeping bag has also served many a camper or trekking enthusiast well.

For damp areas with long periods of rain, the synthetic fibre sleeping bag is much more practical. Last but not least, small items such as camping cookware made of aluminium, stainless steel or melamine, camping cutlery or classic Bundeswehr cutlery, a cool box, a torch and a first-aid kit make a camper's stay at the campsite much more comfortable.

Camping cookers and camping gas cookers make your holiday a "well-rounded affair"
Camping cookers and the matching gas cartridges provide hot coffee or tea in the morning. However, with a camping cooker you can also conjure up whole menus. With the right camping pots and good timing, good success in the camping kitchen is possible with these camping items. With the right camping cooker, camping tent, camping gadget or camping article, you can make the most beautiful weeks of the year comfortable!

Camping tent spare parts & practical accessories for camping tents
Tent guy ropes and tent pegs are already included with camping tents. In addition, there are special pegs, ground pegs and guy ropes or tent poles and accessories for particularly hard grounds to buy in the Reimo Camping Shop. For very sharp-edged floors, tent pads protect the tent floor from damage. Small tears or holes can also be repaired with a practical waterproofing agent for camping tents or tent cleaner directly at the campsite.

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