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4 Man Tent, 4 Man Dome Tent, CREASTONE PEAK Reimo Tent Technology
4 Man Tent, 4 Man Dome Tent, CREASTONE PEAK Reimo Tent Technology


4 man dome tent with 2 sleep cabins
€130.00 *
Limited availability. Ready for immediate shipment, delivery time 5-8 days
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Reimo Bregenz 2 Z5 camping tent
Reimo Tent Technology
Reimo Bregenz 2 Z5 camping tent


4 person tent with thermal double roof, 2 sleeping cabins and living area
€194.25 * €165.11 *
Limited availability. Ready for immediate shipment, delivery time 5-8 days
in stock
Exclusive 4-person camping tent Dakota Z5 Deluxe
Reimo Tent Technology
Exclusive 4-person camping tent Dakota Z5 Deluxe


Family tent with 2 sleeping cabins with tent floor and generous ventilation
€224.25 * €190.61 *
Limited availability. Ready for immediate shipment, delivery time 5-8 days
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Family tent SPRINGWOOD 4SG
Family tent SPRINGWOOD 4SG


4 people tunnel tent
€569.00 * €508.98 *
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4 person tent - which tent should it be?

A tent for 4 people, tunnel tent, pitching tent?
Just ask yourself the "4Ws":

  1.     What do you need? Purely a sleeping tent, or something to live in?
  2.     What do you want to take with you?
  3.     What will fit in your car?
  4.     What do you have for food? Is a small cooker and barbecue enough?

The right choice of tent, the right equipment and good planning is the linchpin for a successful camping holiday. The comfortable 4-person tents usually have a living room / vestibule as a lounge. If bad weather should strike, this is a cosy place to sit, relax, play or read. Two sleeping cabins complete the picture. As already mentioned, many structural differences make for an immense variety on the market. Reimo has been buying tents in the Far East for over 28 years and can therefore look back on a wealth of experience in purchasing, testing and practical use. Reimo Tent Technology buys 4-person tents from renowned and experienced manufacturers. This way, Reimo Tent Technology can guarantee good quality at a good price.

What is the best 4 person tent?
The best 4-person tent? Unfortunately, it's not that easy to say. But various points have clearly emerged as cornerstones of a good tent:

  •     The ideal tent is one with a double roof. The high-level ventilation ensures more pleasant temperatures inside the tent when it is hot. The hot air rises and the heat is dissipated directly through the roof.
  •     A groundsheet or tent underlay for cleaner feet inside the tent.
  •     Small sun canopies over the side doors prevent direct sunlight and help keep the 4 person tent cool

4 man tents are great for a holiday with the family, but also for a longer holiday for two. There is enough space inside the tent to store luggage, cooking utensils and everything you need.

4 man tunnel tent or pitching tent?
A large, comfortable 4-person tent with a slightly longer pitch is well suited for a long-term holiday on one site. A more compact 4 person tunnel tent is more suitable for an active holiday with frequent changes of location. 4-person cotton tents have a pleasant indoor climate, but you pay for this with a much higher weight and a huge packing bag. Whether it's Tent Technology or Campingaz, they are constantly working on improving the climate control in 4-person tents. The good polyester tents are not much inferior to the cotton version in terms of climate. Smaller tunnel tents made of polyester are usually quicker to pitch and easier to handle, but in bad weather they are a test for the whole family. For camping with the whole family, a tent with more space is recommended.

Should it be one with a tent floor?
Tent floors are a fine thing, because the sand stays in front of the tent and when it rains the floor of your 4-man tent tends to stay dry. Keep your clothes, cooking utensils and food clean on a tent floor. As described above, it is a good idea to simply use a sleeping cabin as a pantry. This keeps bugs out and clothes free of dust and dirt. If your tent does not have a floor, it is advisable to place a towel or some other form of doormat in front of the sleeping cabin.

Tent poles are a sign of quality. The more stable the poles, the more carefree the holiday.
If the poles have coloured markings, pitching, especially of tunnel tents, is very quick and comfortable. Not every tent has these markings, but here you can help yourself easily and cheaply with coloured electrical tape. Numbering the poles can also help. You will find out for yourself how it is easiest for you. Round trips with daily pitching of the family tent are pleasantly possible with good tents. As always, practice makes perfect.

Tips for the 4-person tent from Reimo:

Pitch a 4-person tent before your holiday!
Always set up your 4-person tent once for a test before every holiday. This way you can practise the procedure, have an idea of the size of your 4-person tent and be on the safe side in all respects. It makes no difference whether you pitch your used tent from the cellar or your brand new tunnel tent. Test whether everything is included! Because nothing is more annoying than having a rude awakening on your well-earned holiday. When pitching, you remember the broken tent pole, the missing peg or the torn guy line. So you can relax and order the missing utensils in the Reimo camping shop and complete your holiday equipment again!

Water in a 4-man tent? Don't panic!
There is water in the 4 man camping tent? This is not a sign of poor quality. in most cases, condensation is the reason for the little puddle! Always make sure you have good ventilation! Lay out your sleeping bags to dry, use the vents built into the tent! Many small problems arise in the 4 man tent due to a lack of fresh air!
In rare cases, the 4-person tent really does leak. All seams are thoroughly impregnated during manufacture and the quality of the impregnation is regularly spot-checked. We have noticed that the impregnation can sometimes be a little thin when attachments are sewn on later, for example for the sleeping cabins, or in places that are difficult to reach.
Don't let such little things spoil your holiday! As a precaution, we recommend that you have a small bottle of tent waterproofing in your luggage. It is easy to use, the bottles have a shelf life of a few years and if you have already experienced dripping, you know that the benefits are much greater than the costs!

More things to know about the four-person tent


  •     Always treat the seams from the inside! Only then can the waterproofing agent work optimally.

    Heat protection:

  •     Did you know that you should protect your tent in southern climes with a tarp? A fabric tarpaulin hung a little distance above the tent can drastically reduce the temperature inside the tent. Since the UV rays do not hit the tent skin directly, you can protect your holiday home from premature ageing.

     Washing and care:

  •     After your holiday, it is advisable to check the tent for bird droppings, rain streaks and other dirt and to remove these as soon as possible. Use a special awning cleaner to clean the fabric. In recent years, more and more cleaners with an environmentally friendly and easily degradable base have come onto the market. Please use them! Your environment will thank you!
  • With just a few simple steps, your 4-person tent will stay colourful, friendly and watertight for longer. Allow your tent to dry thoroughly before packing it away for the non-travelling season to avoid mildew stains. With a little care your 4 person tent will last longer and you will enjoy it for many years.