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Campervan & Motorhome Seats, Bench Seats, Swivel Bases and Seat Belts

Seats for Campervans and Motorhomes

In campervans and motorhomes, the standard front seats are often replaced by more comfortable captain seats or bucket seats. These replacement seats must be tested for their stability. The seating height may be altered only in an approved tolerance range.

Swivel bases and seat swivels make better use of your interior space

The use of the interior of campervans and motorhomes is made much more convenient when the driver's seat and the passenger seats can be rotated by 180° to face the living room. A front passenger swivel base is also available with an additional lateral swivel path towards the driver's seat (for some vehicles only).

Safety belts and seat belts for retrofitting in campervans and motorhomes

If you intend to carry passengers on the bench seat or any other second row seats, it is strongly advised that you install three-point seat belts on any seat used while driving. Safety belts should comply to the latest European standards. Typically, a compliance label is sewn into the seat, so you know that the product is safe. Do not combine parts of different seat belts, because test labels only apply to the product as a whole. We offer suitable and legally approved seat belts for all our van seats and bench seats.

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