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A caravan canopy, motorhome canopy, campervan canopy or van canopy quickly provides shade with almost constant mobility. In bad weather, side panels for van awnings canopies or caravan canopy awning can keep out the rain. In deep sun, there is a front part that protects. Many Thule 1200 bag awnings can be seen on the campsite as caravan canopy. The caravan sun canopy, motorhome sun canopy or campervan sun canopy should be chosen as large as possible for more protection from the sun, wind and rain. There is a special campervan canopy, campervan sun canopy with some ingenious mounting options, such as the Thule 4900.

Reimo has a wide range of caravan canopies, motorhome canopies and campervan canopies as well as accessories and spare parts.
We try to have all common products on offer. However, some canopies with extra lengths and/or motor must be ordered seperately.
If we do not have an item in our range, please ask your local Reimo dealer or directly at Reimo by using:

- the suppliers item number
- for caravan canopy, motorhome canopy, van canopy or campervan canops please with vehicle information
- construction and manufacturer
- length of vehicle or awning/canopy

We are all happy to advise you personally!

If you would rather have a little more "roof" over your head or more space, here is an overview of awnings and accessories.


Awnings and awnings for caravans, motorhomes, camping buses and campers

Awnings, caravan awnings, motorhome awnings and camping awnings help you to keep a cool head in the sunshine. For this reason, FIAMMA, DOMETIC or THULE-OMNISTOR awnings should not be missing from any caravan, motor home, van or camper. Even if it rains, a caravan awning, motorhome awning or camping awning offers you a sheltered living space. We offer you a wide range of camping awnings, which are matched to your caravan or motorhome - both in size and in fabric or casing colours.

Caravan awnings, motorhome awnings or van awnings - the convertible weather protection for your caravan, motorhome, camper and camping van.

Awnings for caravans, such as the sack awning and caravans are divided into two types. The first is the bag awning, also known as pocket awning, which is drawn into the channel rail provided on many caravans. The pocket awning complements the awnings for caravans and small vans with a low-cost alternative to create a shady place. During the journey the fully packed and properly tensioned sack awning - such as the Fiamma Caravanstore - can remain on the caravan. At the campsite, open the zip of the pocket awning and unroll the awning cloth by hand. The awning fabric is tensioned by means of tensioning arms and extendable support feet.

Cassette awnings, shade at a high level

Cassette awnings are permanently installed awnings for motorhomes, caravans or camper vans and have been established for many years thanks to their high level of comfort and flexibility. The manufacturers THULE, FIAMMA and DOMETIC are currently the market leaders in the production of cassette awnings. These camper van, caravan and motorhome awnings are operated with a hand crank for extending and retracting. Optionally, the motorhome awning or caravan awning can also be extended and retracted automatically at the touch of a button using a retrofittable awning motor. However, some common motorhome awnings and caravan awnings are also equipped ex works with the appropriate 12V motor.

Roof or side wall awning?

Roof awning or side wall awning, that depends entirely on the structure of your vehicle. The cassette awnings from Fiamma, Thule and Dometic will either be listed on the side as roof awning. Mounting on the roof has the advantage that roof awnings can also be used as awning for camping buses, vans and campers with a high side sliding door.

THULE awning, FIAMMA awning or DOMETIC awning?

We offer caravan awnings, motorhome awnings and camper van awnings from various manufacturers such as the FIAMMA awning, from one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality awnings for motorhomes, caravans, camper vans and camping vans. Fiamma awnings guarantee you lasting durability thanks to the use of high quality materials, advanced technology and innovation. Fiamma has been on the market for over 70 years. For the perfect awning attachment sort a vehicle-specific Fiamma mounting adapter. With the right Fiamma adapter, professional installation is possible on (almost) all camping vehicles.

Because your camping holiday is very important to us, Reimo also has motorhome awnings and awnings for caravans and campers in its programme, the THULE OMNISTOR awning. The company Thule, founded in Sweden in 1942, is another renowned manufacturer of awnings for motorhomes, caravans, camping vans and camper vans. The professional installation is also carried out with vehicle-specific Thule mounting adapter.

With the awnings for caravans, motorhomes and camping buses, the DOMETIC awnings we round off our extensive range. Dometic also offers an extensive range of vehicle-specific Dometic installation adapters and thus also enables professional installation on (almost) all camping vehicles on the market.
Buy here at Reimo Campingshop durable awnings for motorhomes, caravans and camper vans with many individual features. High-quality, stylish materials in very good workmanship are the cornerstones of the awnings offered here for your motorhome, caravan, camper and camper van.

The awning for your caravan, camper, camper van and camper van

Awnings are the icing on the cake of the wide range of awning accessories. They turn your caravan or motorhome awning into a real "all-rounder" and promise maximum comfort and flexibility. You can easily extend your privacy and create a dry, wind-protected seating area during your camping holiday with your motorhome, caravan, camper van or camper van. For example, with the matching front and side panels your motorhome awning will become an awning in no time at all. Particularly for longer stays, complete awnings for motorhomes and caravans are a useful addition to extend the living space or storage space for your mobile home.
On windy days or in coastal regions it can be a bit stormier. The wind is the biggest enemy of an awning for motorhomes or caravans. A safe guying of the awning, by means of a sturmband, increases the stability of your living space or storage space considerably. So that you can spend the day in the dry under the awning even in bad weather, the installation of so-called "Rainguards" awning sealing profiles is recommended. These are fitted between the vehicle and the awning and prevent the passage of rainwater. Other awning accessories, such as awning lighting, can be found in the Reimo Camping-Shop.

Do you have any further requests, questions or suggestions about our range?
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