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Buy Camping Chair & Camping Lounger for Camper, Camping, Motorhome, Caravan
Buy camping chairs at low prices? Of course at Reimo! In this category you will find everything you need for camping chairs, camping deck chairs or camping furniture for your camping holiday. Whether camping chairs with leg rests, children's camping chairs, camping stools, director's chairs, beach chairs, air chairs, camp beds, camping chairs foldable, collapsible, stable and ultra-light for your mobile holiday. Here in the Reimo camping shop you can fulfil your wishes!

Order your camping chair directly online and purchase it locally from your Reimo dealer! The Reimo range offers you a huge selection of camping chairs and many different camping tables. From festival camping chairs to aluminium high-back chairs with footrests. Whether you want a camping chair in the upper quality and price range, or an inexpensive entry-level model will do, here in the camping chair shop all your wishes should be covered! It would almost be a miracle if your camping chair wasn't here! Decide between the brands:

   ✔ CAMP4 chair
  ✔ WESTFIELD camping chair
  ✔ CRESPO camping chairs
  ✔ CRESPO camping lounger
  ✔ WESTFIELD camping lounger
Buy CAMP4 camping chair, WESTFIELD camping chair, CRESPO camping chairs at Reimo
Camp4 camping chairs, camping chairs, folding chairs, Westfield camping chairs, folding chairs, Crespo camping chairs and camping loungers have been imported by Reimo for more than 20 years. Offering a camping chair with a very good price-performance ratio was then and is now our goal. The Camp4 camping chair is developed here in-house and then goes to the Far East for production. In this way, the Camp4 camping chair combines German engineering with low manufacturing costs.
The Camp4 camping chair is now available in a huge selection in the Reimo camping shop. For campers, motorhomers, van drivers, caravanners or simply for the balcony and garden, you will find every camping chair your heart desires. From the inexpensive folding camping chair for young people to the upholstered relax chair for the discerning camper.
Where can you buy camping chairs?
Buy camping chairs? Sure, at Reimo! In the Reimo camping accessories shop you will not only find your camping chair stable for your camping holiday, but also spare parts as well as camping accessories such as carrying bags, footrests, seat heating for your camping chair. Also this season we have the latest camping chairs, camping loungers as well as relax loungers of the brands Camp4, Crespo and Westfield in stock for you. But also camping chair special offers and bestsellers at low prices get their stage here!
Reimo tip: Would you like to sit outside on your camping chair until deep into the night? But it gets a bit chilly? Here is the special article for you: The seat heater for the camping chair . With the new battery-powered seat heater for the camping chair and much more, you can stay long and relaxed in nature. Take a look and browse for your dream camping chair!
Camping bed foldable & collapsible
Camping loungers foldable or collapsible are not only suitable for the family tent, for the campsite or beach, but they can also serve as camp beds or guest beds in the awning when there is not enough space in the camper. At Reimo you will find a large selection of camping bed brands such as CRESPO camping bed, WESTFIELD and CAMP4 camping bed. The selection of camping accessories ranges from ultra-light and compact camping loungers to sun loungers and folding loungers to comfortable camp beds that are also ideal as guest beds at home.
Camping chairs foldable & collapsible on Youtube
Folding camping chair with smart details. Here you can see selected camping chair models from our range in action. For example:
✔ the flexible camping chair with adjustable backrest.
✔ the back-friendly camping chair with lumbar support
✔ the comfortable camping chair with headrest that can be pushed down and used as a backrest cushion
✔ the Relax camping chair with click-in footrests
These are all modern camping chair features that make your holiday really comfortable. Learn more in the video!
Camping chair sturdy & small pack size for camper, camping, motorhome
A camping chair must be robust, easy to clean and stable as well as easy to stow away in caravans, campers, motorhomes or motor homes. An attractive appearance and comfort are also important. A camping chair is particularly functional and practical if it can be folded to save space and has an easily washable seat made of tear-resistant material such as polyester. To ensure that the load in the motorhome or caravan is sufficient, the camping chair should also be ultra-light.
Foldable & ultra-light camping chair for picnics on the road
Camping involves a lot of outdoor activities - which is why camping accessories such as camping tables, camping chairs, awnings or marquees are a must. Camping chairs should be stable, robust, ultra-light, foldable and weatherproof. Camping chairs are usually made of aluminium.

No camper likes to go on a long trip without a camping chair. No matter how far the journey goes or how long it lasts, practical seating for the road is an absolute must. At the first stop on the motorway rest area, the camping chair is unfolded in good weather and set up in front of the motorhome for a small picnic. The number of camping chairs should not be too small, even for campers travelling alone, at least 2 should be on board for every tour. If there is enough space, there can be one more camping chair. Campers always meet old acquaintances or make new friends at the campsite, and the guest is offered a camping chair.

Camping chairs are available in the Reimo Camping Shop in a wide range of price classes and designs. For children, there are smaller camping chairs with funny colourful motifs. This means that there is a suitable camping chair for every taste and age on a camping trip. When purchasing camping accessories, a camping table and a camping tent are of course part of the camping equipment in addition to a camping chair.
Buying a camping chair - What to consider?
A camping chair should always be foldable or at least collapsible. This is the most comfortable and safest way to transport it. Before setting off, campers in the holiday mood should not forget to check the number and condition of the camping chairs they have. If necessary, a missing camping chair can be easily ordered in the right look. Then the journey can finally begin and the anticipation of the first cosy siesta in the camping chair is great.

A modern camping chair also has to be comfortable and should ergonomically adapt to the shape of the body. Therefore, before buying a camping chair, make sure that its dimensions and load-bearing capacity fit your own body measurements and those of your fellow campers. The more robust and tear-resistant a camping chair is, the longer it will last.
Camping chairs in different designs and materials
Buy a camping chair or a comfortable camping chair to feel good for your eyes, back and soul. Camping chairs no longer have to have classic patterns like stripes or flowers. For campers who want to travel with the latest trends, there are stylish camping chairs in black or blue, red or green that look very cool and classy. Friends of understatement are more likely to opt for a classy, inconspicuous camping chair in the trendy colour of grey.

When it comes to the material for a hard-wearing camping chair that can be wiped clean with a flick of the wrist, polyester or, more recently, airy mesh fabric have proved ideal. In addition to the foldable aluminium chair legs, such a camping chair is a robust lightweight that can be used in a variety of ways. Depending on the size and accessories, a camping chair weighs between 2.5 and 5 kilograms.

Aluminium camping chair with drink holder as icing on the cake
Aluminium camping chairs are comfortable and practically foldable, not too heavy and very robust. That's what a good camping chair should be! The icing on the cake in terms of comfort in a modern camping chair is a practical holder for drinks and a carrying bag that are integrated into the camping chair. Some camping chair models have a fold-out and removable footrest. In this way, a cleverly thought-out camping chair with clever details proves to be a true all-rounder for the comfort-loving camper.