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Caravan Security, Motorhome Security and Campervan Security - Wheel Clamps, Door & Window Locks, Safes, Gas Detectors, Alarms and many more!

All items from our ad "safety for the road" about motorhome security and caravan security:

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Secure Windows
from 65€
Theft and burglary protection for motorhome and caravan windows for retrofitting:
Safety profile on the pane makes it difficult to pry it open.
Item-No. 80248
Carbest gas detector for campervans
Warns of propane / butane (LPG), carbon monoxide, KO gases
Item-No. 47452
Carbest alarm system Fiat Ducato
Euro 5 and Euro 6, digital wireless alarm system for CAN van connection

Our large product range for more safety in motorhome, campervan, caravan & boat

Motorhome alarm systems, caravan alarm system, gas dectetors

A motorhome alarm system or caravan alarm system has a calming effect and you can enjoy your sight-seeing tour with less worries. For the protection against gas - be it through a leak or stun attempts by criminals, use our gas detectors. A loud audible alarm sound comes on when the corresponding gas is already being measured by the sensor in very slight concentrations.

Caravan door locks, motorhome door locks, caravan window locks and motorhome window locks

The caravan window locks and motorhome window locks with security profiles as burglary protection and with slide-on fuses. Motorhome door locks or caravan door locks: there are many proven and reliable solutions by well-known manufacturers like HeoSafe, Thule or Fiamma.

Safes for motorhomes, caravans, campervans and boats

The firmly installed motorhome-safe is designed to safely store your valuables when you are relaxing on the beach or going for a stroll through the city. In larger safes even cameras and laptops can be stored.

Other safety accessories: fire extinguishers, warning signs, warning triangle/breakdown triangle, first-aid kit for caravans and motorhomes

You will find lots of products that are essential for safe travel and camping, such as fire extinguishers, warning signs, safety vests, first aid kits and many more in our large motorhome and caravan Safety Program
The right warning signs on top of the bicycle rack or surfboard save expensive fines. You should not leave without the right safety vest for emergencies.