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Camping Grill, Camping Gas Grill & Camping Cooker for Camping, Camper, Caravan, Outdoor - buy affordable camping equipment at Reimo

Camping gas barbecue and camping gas cooker for camping, camper, outdoor, trekking, motorhome and caravan: buy affordable camping equipment here at Reimo Camping-Shop. You will also find a large selection of brand-name gas grills such as CADAC Camping Grill, Campingaz Grill, CRAMER Camping Grill, SKOTTI Grill or Camping Grill DOMETIC for camping, cooking, baking and grilling in the Reimo Camping Shop. Your specialist for camping accessories, motorhome accessories, caravan accessories and camper extensions.

But which camping barbecue for my motorhome? Which camping barbecue for the caravan? Which gas barbecue for camping? Which type of barbecue is best?  What types of barbecue are there? What should I look for when buying a camping barbecue? Where can I buy camping gas barbecues? Which barbecue accessories to buy? The good news is - on this page you will find everything about camping gas barbecues, camping barbecue charcoal and barbecue accessories.

Which camping gas barbecue should I buy?

Would you like to buy a camping gas barbecue, a charcoal camping barbecue or a camping cooker barbecue? No problem! With us you are sure to find the right camping cooker or camping barbecue. For most campers, camping is not camping without a barbecue! Because cooking or grilling outdoors is always an unforgettable camping experience.

Barbecuing at the campsite has several advantages not only for campers but also for the vehicle. For example: the motorhome, caravan or camper remains free of odours and steams that arise when preparing hot meals. For those who only want to prepare very simple meals or make coffee, a mini cartridge gas cooker with one flame is often sufficient. If you want a camping cooker that can do more, it needs to have 2 or 3 flames. As with grills, there are many useful accessories for camping cookers. But which camping barbecue should I buy? We have put together our camping barbecues for you here:
 ✔ Camping barbecue case
 ✔ Camping barbecue cooker
 ✔ Folding camping barbecue
 ✔ Light camping barbecue small
 ✔ Camping barbecue with bag
 ✔ Camping table grill

Buy camping barbecue - Cramer camping barbecue, Cadac camping barbecue gas or Safire camping barbecue?
Whether Cadac camping barbecue, Cramer camping barbecue or Safire camping gas barbecue - at Reimo you will find your suitable gas barbecue for camping, motorhomes and campers. But which camping barbecue is the best? What kind of barbecue to buy? How big should a barbecue be? Try it out and expand your camping kitchen with a high-quality camping gas grill or camping cooker gas with grill for motorhome, camping, trekking, camper van such as camping cooker single flame, CADAC camping cooker, Campingaz, camping cooker Spiritus and Parker.

Browse through our category Camping Grills & Camping Cookers and order your new camping grill with cartridge incl. bag at a proven fair price-performance ratio at Reimo. At Reimo, you can also order your matching camping accessories, motorhome accessories, caravan accessories, camper accessories conveniently online or at your local Reimo dealer and have them delivered directly to your home.

Lightweight camping barbecue gas and camping cooker for camping, camper, motorhome
Where to buy camping gas barbecue and camping cooker? At Reimo, of course! If you are interested in a high-quality camping gas barbecue, then you have come to the right place in the Reimo camping shop. In this category you will find everything you need for barbecuing at the campsite. For example: camping grills and camping cookers with gas, which are perfect for camping, camper, outdoor, party, VW bus, motor home and caravan! Our camping grills gas are well suited for campers, camping, outdoor. They also impress with their high quality, easy handling, good material and innovative design. They are also light, small, foldable, portable, made of stainless steel, compact and foldable. On the campsite, in the awning or under the awning, you can bake, cook, grill and much more with your camping barbecue. Here you will find most camping grills at a glance:
 ✔ Table top grill
 ✔ Folding barbecue grill
 ✔ Charcoal barbecue and swivel barbecue
 ✔ Portable barbecue from Cramer-Dometic
 ✔ Cadac multifunctional barbecue
 ✔ Campingaz barbecue
 ✔ Built-in gas cookers and hobs
 ✔ Camping cooker
Take a look around the Reimo camping shop at your leisure and secure your camping barbecue gas suitcase grill, camping barbecue charcoal or camping cooker with gas for your next camping holiday now.

Camping and barbecuing at the campsite - Which barbecue for motorhome, caravan, camper?
Camping and barbecuing at the campsite with a mobile camping barbecue for campers. Grilling, cooking, baking and simmering - with the right camping barbecue and the right barbecue accessories, crispy chicken on the rotating spit and juicy steaks on the cast iron plate are just as perfect. Camping barbecues - brand manufacturers such as CADAC, CRAMER or Campingaz offer many advantages. With their extensive range of camping barbecue accessories, they ensure that you can enjoy culinary delights without any restrictions.

Start the day with a coffee from the cooker and finish it off with a camping barbeque, the fragrant camping barbecue and makes the holiday day complete! Barbecue with the charcoal barbecue or the camping gas barbecue, depending on whether you prefer it rustic and cosy or quick and easy. It's up to you whether you prefer the modern gas barbecue or the old-fashioned swivel barbecue, the gas cooker or the spirit cooker.

Buying a small camping barbecue - What to consider?
When it comes to camping barbecues, however, there are a few things you should consider or have to decide! Which camping barbecue fits best? Which is the best camping gas barbecue? What is a camping barbecue suitable for? What does a camping barbecue cost? Which manufacturers of camping barbecues are there? Who are camping barbecues suitable for? Especially the gas barbecues for holidays and travelling impress with a large variety of models: from the handy camping barbecue suitcase or table barbecue to the CADAC gas barbecue to the large multi gas barbecues, or better multifunctional gas barbecues with barbecue and grill grate, pan or baking bonnet for culinary variety.

If the gas barbecue is portable, this makes holiday preparations easier. The robust camping gas cookers from Parker are often called camping gas cookers because they are also used in weekend homes. The classic portable barbecues are available from Cramer, Campingaz and other manufacturers. Camping barbecues come in every size and for every preference. Cheaper camping barbecue models from our own brand Camp 4, as well as many more expensive brand-name products shake hands here.

Stainless steel charcoal grill, BBQ gas grill, barbecue grill, barbecue table grill, camping gas cooker, portable gas grill, camping cooker, camping cooker, camping gas grill or multifunctional grill whatever camping grill you are looking for, you should find it in this category! Find the camping barbecue for your personal barbecue and cooking pleasure here.

Gas barbecue or stainless steel folding barbecue: Which barbecue suits me?
If you want something particularly authentic, grill with charcoal. For many, only the classic camping barbecue charcoal can conjure up the incomparable barbecue taste. And at the large swivel barbecue, you almost feel like you're at a campfire. Modern gas barbecues or gas camping barbecues offer more comfort. They are easy to transport as portable barbecues, often foldable, partly with non-stick coating, easy to clean and equipped with many accessories. The gas barbecues of the Camp4 brand offer particularly good value for money. However, you will also find gas barbecues from many other well-known brands here. And as a special for the fishing holiday, there is also our Camp4 Smoker Lars, with which you can professionally smoke the fish you have caught for the evening!

Camping barbecue gas 30 mbar or 50 mbar - Which gas barbecue for camping?
Camping barbecue gas 30 mbar or 50 mbar - Which gas barbecue for camping? 30 mbar gas barbecues are standard throughout Europe and gas barbecues 30 mbar are approved in Germany. With a 50 mbar regulator, the hole is smaller than with a 30 mbar regulator. In Germany, for recreational use (outdoor use), you have the choice between 30 or 50 mbar. Often the 50 mbar devices are somewhat stronger in burner performance. A pressure of 30 mbar is prescribed. This applies to the heater, cooker, refrigerator and also the gas socket.

If a gas barbecue is to be operated via an external gas socket on the gas system of the motorhome, the pressure depends on the pressure of the gas system in the vehicle. Since January 2003, this pressure has been 30 mbar. Only on older vehicles is the gas system still operated at 50 mbar. When you decide to buy a gas barbecue, it is about more than just a camping gas barbecue. In a high-quality camping gas barbecue, you will find a faithful companion for camping with which you can enjoy your culinary creativity and love of experimentation to the full.

Buy Camping Gas Barbecue Gas
More and more campers are turning away from charcoal barbecues and opting for the more modern option of barbecuing with a gas barbecue. The advantages are obvious. The camping gas barbecue impresses with its easy handling and quick cleaning. Thanks to the temperature regulator, the size of the flames and thus the barbecue temperature can be set precisely. Even newcomers to camping can easily change the gas bottle. Even if things get dirty during a barbecue, you can rely on the easy maintenance of your camping gas barbecue: heat it up, brush it off, grease it - and it's ready to start the next barbecue adventure with you.

Advantages of a gas barbecue at a glance

The advantages of the gas barbecue lie in its almost unlimited possibilities. Since a gas barbecue is comparable to cooking on a gas cooker, it also offers all the possibilities that a cooker of the same type offers. In addition to direct grilling of meat and sausages, you can also use the indirect grilling method, shred vegetables and even bake pizza, bread, muffins and cakes in a gas grill!

What's more, grilling can be easily combined. So you can bake, cook, grill while a steak is caramelising on another part of the grill. The gas barbecue ignites immediately, so it is ready for use straight away and produces no smoke or fumes. Ideal for use on the balcony, suitable for camping, outdoor, trekking or motorhome. Above all, you can easily regulate the temperatures in the gas barbecue and keep them constant, which pleases the food. And with all this, you don't have to do without the aroma of wood or smoke - this also works excellently with the gas barbecue, without having harmful ash particles on the meat. So the gas barbecue is healthier. What is often forgotten as an advantage of the gas barbecue: It is easy to clean and with many accessories, such as pans, pizza stones, baskets, barbecue skewers and rotating skewers, you can always expand its possibilities. This makes barbecuing an experience. Here you will find an overview of the advantages of a gas barbecue:
✔Rapidly ready for use
✔No smoke or fumes when grilling
✔Easy to clean
✔Many barbecue accessories
✔Healthier and environmentally friendly
✔Safer to ignite
✔Indirect grilling
✔The temperature can be regulated individually and continuously on a gas barbecue and, above all, it can also be kept constant
✔Wood and smoke aroma also with gas grills
✔Favourable operating costs

Camping gas barbecue accessories - barbecuing and camping
There is a large selection of barbecue accessories in the Reimo Camping Shop. Some barbecue accessories are indispensable and should not be missing when buying your first barbecue. With the right barbecue accessories, you will become a real barbecue professional even as a camper. Because good barbecue results can only be achieved with the right barbecue accessories.

Which barbecue accessories do I need for barbecuing?

Choosing the right camping barbecue for campers, motorhomes and caravans is not easy, but when it comes to barbecue accessories, the possibilities explode even more. The fact is: there is hardly a dish that you can't prepare on the right barbecue - and for almost everything there are great barbecue accessories that make preparation easier. Regardless of which camping barbecue you have, these camping items of barbecue accessories should not be missing:
Grill cutlery
✔ Barbecue gloves
✔ Barbecue skewers
✔ Barbecue brush
✔ Grill apron
✔ Cover
✔ Grill tongs
✔ Digital thermometer
✔ Grill cleaner
✔ Pizza stone
✔ Smoker box
✔ Theft protection

Good barbecue cutlery is the be-all and end-all of barbecuing. We recommend a barbecue cutlery set including barbecue tongs. You can also protect your hands with a barbecue glove. Especially when grilling for a longer period of time, you will learn to love the advantages of grill gloves. Our camping barbecue accessories are available in a wide range of materials and for all camping barbecues. With the right accessories or our camping accessories, inspiration for new types of barbecues and the corresponding barbecue accessories won't be long in coming.

The easiest and quickest way to clean all types of grill grates is to brush them. With the right barbecue brush, this is no problem. With additional cleaning and care products, the gas barbecue will shine like new even after years of use. A cover should not be missing when buying a camping barbecue. Even for the most beautiful camping barbecue, you need the right barbecue accessories. A large selection is available online in the shop. Buy now!

Have a look at our YouTube video regarding gas barbeque grills!