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Camping Bed, Camping Cot

Camping Bed, Camping Cot

Camping bed and camping cot in aluminium and XXL size!

Buy camping cot or camping bed for a low price here at Reimo!

Because we - Reimo - are the importer of the camping beds offered here e.g. Camp4 camping beds and we can therfeore pass on the low purchase prices for the camping beds directly to you.
The camping bed is also an ideal guest bed at home, if you do not want to sleep on a hammock or an air bed on the floor. The longer model of the camping cot is usually a bit higher, so that the use is even more convenient.

Comfortable camping bed or camping cot made for you!

We offer camping cots, or camping beds in different versions. It should be noted that the longer run of the cot is usually a bit higher. So the use of the camping bed is even more comfortable and getting up from the camping cot is a bit easier. The aluminum camp bed in XXL size, equipped with a mattress as a pad, combined with a self-inflatable pillow offers sleeping comfort just like at home.
Incidentally, we also supply camping cots in large quantities for the Technical Relief Agency, for emergency shelters and for others who need large amounts of camping beds.

We can offer you camping bed or camping cot in special designs and colors for orders in large quantities!