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Camping Coffee Maker, Camping Coffee Percolator, Camping French Press

Camping Coffee Maker, Camping Coffee Percolator, Camping French Press

An overview of camping coffee makers for your camping holidays

The camping coffee maker can be found on the market under many different names. There is e.g. the well-known camping French Press, while the well-known Italian espresso maker is also known as camping coffee percolator.

Camping coffee percolator, camping French Press, camping coffee maker - the quickest and easiest way for a nice coffee on your camping holiday!

For a camping coffee maker, a small camping stove is sufficient for the preparation of a strong, delicious coffee or to boil water for the camping French Press. The camping coffee percolator directly on the gas flame, is probably the cheapest and fastest way to get hot coffee for breakfast or during a short camping break.

A special hit in our range is the camping coffee maker made of stainless steel with a sieve stamp: Making coffee cannot be easier! Put the coffee in, strainer on it, let it swell, press the sieve stamp down - DELICIOUS! The highlight is that the coffee stays hot for a long time in this camping coffee maker!

You do not want a camping coffee percolator and you don't like coffee from the camping French Press? Do you like it more comfortable? Then of course we also offer 12v coffee makers für Sie!

Scroll down for further information about the camping coffee maker, camping coffee percolator, camping French Press!

Camping coffee maker, camping coffee percolator - how does the espresso maker work?

In Italy you will mainly find this type of camping coffee maker!
Operating the camping coffee percolator or espresso maker:

  1. Unscrew and open the espresso maker.
  2. Fill water into the lower part of the camping coffee percolator
  3. Pour coffee (depending on taste) into the sieve insert
  4. Place the camping coffee maker on a flame or hotplate
  5. Heat the camping coffee percolator strongly.
  6. Development of heat in the percolator creates pressure inside
  7. This pressure pushes the water into the riser,
  8. pushed up through the coffee powder.
  9. "Bubbling" sounds!
  10. When the coffee is ready, it becomes quiet.
  11. In the upper part of the camping coffee maker is now a delicious espresso!
  12. After cooling, open on the camping coffee maker and
  13. rinse with clear water!
If you wish, simply heat up some milk and mix with the finished espresso. How to get a typical Italian breakfast coffee. That is pure holiday feeling!

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