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Camping Bins - Camping Basket - Collapsible Bins - Mob Bucket

Camping Bins - Camping Basket - Collapsible Bins - Mob Bucket

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The multi-purpose bucket with basket insert has been used as washing-up bowl at camping for many years. The more luxury version is the so-called multifunction bucket 94020 with 14 l volume.
A large bowl serves as an insert, it can be closed with a lid .
The plastic carrying baskets with 13 liters volume are ideal as a camping sink for the small family. The 18.5 l or 16 l volume square baskets are more suitable as sinks or as a washbowl for the larger family. For permanent campers or families, the carrycot with a volume of 25 l is also very often used as a bowl for washing clothes.
The perforated basket is ideal for drying, because the water can drain better.

Tip: In emergencies, a trash can with a lid also serves as a bucket toilet.