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Camping lounger, three-legged lounger, camping recliner, camping deckchair
Crespo, Westfield or Camp4: Three-legged loungers and camping deckchairs ensure comfortable sunbathing.
Here we offer you camping loungers from the quality manufacturers Crespo, Westfield and Camp4. Many practical details make these camping loungers comfortable holiday companions that will provide you with many relaxing hours.
The camping loungers are available in reclining heights from 20 cm to 40 cm and are foldable To guarantee sufficient stability, we offer almost only three-legged loungers as sun loungers. With the adjustable recliners, the height-adjustable head section allows a variety of uses: for sunbathing, as a reading chair or as a guest bed.
Foldable and flat to stow away, camping sun loungers can be stored in almost any rear garage!
Our classic: the Sun Comfort sun lounger with the shade dispenser so you won't be dazzled while browsing.
Snobby luxury recliner: Our most flexible "camping recliner chair" can be used just as well as an armchair as it can a recliner thanks to its removable foot section and adjustable backrest.
Camping loungers invite you to sunbathe in comfort and what would your mobile holiday be without a cosy nap or two in the fresh air!

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