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Motorhome Awnings, Awnings for Motorhomes, Drive Away Awnings for Motorhomes

Motorhome Awnings, Awnings for Motorhomes, Drive Away Awnings for Motorhomes

Motorhome drive away awning, motorhome porch awning, inflatable motorhome awning

Motorhome awnings are usually made freestanding , therefore they are called drive away awnings for motorhomes because you can literally drive away and leave the motorhome awning free standing at the campsite.
The awnings for motorhomes from Outdoor Revolution, Herzog or Tent Technology create more usable space on your motorhome.
Buying a motorhome porch awning is particularly worthwhile for very hot or very wet days. A motorhome drive away awning is then very pleasant to use. Your camping chairs and other equipment is protected from the weather inside the motorhome awning. Motorhome awnings invite you and your friends to linger awhile even on bad camping days.
Here in the Reimo Camping Shop, you can choose from a large selection of awnings for motorhomes, whether an inflatale motorhome awning, motorhome porch awning or motorhome drive away awning.

Scroll down to read more about motorhome awnings e.g. drive away awnings for motorhomes!

Tip and tricks for holidays with motorhome awnings

Motorhome awnings for more space

Motorhome awnings create additional space and storage space for a carefree holidays. Because of the large windows and doors it almost feels like sitting outside and enjoying the nature while eating. This works even in wind or rain.

Awnigns for motorhomes - Easy and quick to set up

Awnings for motorhomes are simply pulled or placed through a piping profile or lock rod into the piping strip or rain gutter provided on the motorhome. You can choose different types of poles. There are poles made of very stable but heavy steel, light aluminum, fiberglass or consisting of air hoses that can be easily inflated.

More comfort with the motorhome porch awning

Many motorhome porch awnings offer a sewn-in floor, which ensures dry feet and prevents drafts that can draft through under the motorhome. In the BIG VAN3 motorhome porch awning you also have a sleeping cabin included. Many ventilation options from Tent Technology awnings make the room climate perfect. If you want to spend a camping holiday with your motorhome, a suitable motorhome porch awning is simply part of the equipment. Depending on the depth and width of your motorhome porch awning, you can get a "bedroom", a "kitchen" or a "dining room". With the simple attachment using a piping profile or lock rod, a watertight connection is created between the vehicle and the motorhome porch awning.
Create more space with the motorhome porch awning!

Drive away awnings for motorhomes, motorhome drive away awning

Those who want to stay mobile should choose a motorhome drive away awning which can quickly be removed and attached again.

Good and affordable prices and high quality: Awnings for motorhomes from Tent Technology by Reimo

Reimo has been purchasing tents in the Far East for over 25 years and can look back on a wealth of experience. Our buyers have been on site for many years and look for the best tents from a huge range in tropical heat. This successful research is reflected in our private brand Reimo Tent Technology .
With Tent Technology we offer you the best possible quality at very moderate prices.
Awnings for motorhomes and campers have been our passion for years. The camper and later the motorhome are the cradle of Reimo history. Benefit from the purchase with many years of experience and a good price-performance ratio. If there is bad weather on vacation and you are tied to your parking space for a few hours, you will quickly see the positive aspects of a motorhome awning. Because this enlargement of your living space creates additional retreatand resting areas.

Ground sheet in the motorhome awning, yes or no?

How do you use your motorhome awning?
  • Mainly as a lounge?
  • With a table and chairs and only in dry summer?
Then a floor or ground sheet is not that important, a awning carpent is sufficient to keep the dirt out. The floor in the motorhome awning remains clean. Are your children sleeping in the motorhome awning? It's raining on your vacation? Then a floor tarpaulin is useful so that you can walk cleanly into the sleeping cabin. You can simply move the condensation water on the floor tarpaulin outside.

You have to decide for yourself which the better alternative is. A tent carpet, the hinged tent floor that you take out of the tent to clean? The firmly sewn-in tent floor in the motorhome awning, which is straight and tight and which you can simply sweep out? This is a matter of taste and depends on how you want to use the motorhome awning . What to pay attention to:

  • How to connect your vehicle with your motorhome awning?
  • Is it a drive away motorhome awning so you can drive away ?
Most modern motorhome awnings are designed in such a way that you can leave them standing if you take a short trip to explore the surroundings therefore they are called drive away awnings for motorhomes.

Water column what is it? How important is that for the motorhome awnings (for Ducato, Jumper, Sprinte)

Imagine a 2-meter-high cylinder filled with water that stands on your motorhome awning. That means it has a water column of 2000mm. It is easier to imagine everything the other way around. If your motorhome awning holds 2 meters of water upside down, it will also reach the 2000mm water column. The water column tells you how much pressure (weight) the wet has to exert to get through the tent membrane of your motorhome awning. Size does not matter when it comes to the water column. The water column is a good guideline for the tightness of the awnings for motorhomes. Finally, other decisive factors for the tightness of the motorhome awnings for factors:
  • Optimal and tight connection between the vehicle and the motorhome awnings
  • A tight outer tent must be supported by a good inner tent and a good tent floor.
  • The coating of the motohome awning´s is extremely important
  • The quality of the workmanship, especially the seams, is an important aspect
The water column is a good orientation to determine the tightness. But it does not cover all aspects. For many years, Reimo has taken a good middle course between an adequate water column, good coating, good vehicle connection and a stable tent floor. Only a suitable overall package ensures unlimited vacation enjoyment in cloudy weather!

Inflatable motorhome awning, do they work?

Yes! Inflatable motorhome awnings work very well. The inflatable motorhome awnings from Reimo Tent Technology are often tested and are constantly in wind and weather at the annual tent exhibition at the beginning of May and at various trade fairs. The long air hoses replace the poles and keep the inflatable motorhome awning upright. Hoses with pressure relief valves ensure that no hose flies around on hot summer days. The air pump included in the scope of delivery ensures rapid air supply if the temperature drops. Inflatable motorhome awnings are the last generation of motorhome awnings: They use inflatable poles instead of tent poles that first have to be connected. In the new inflatable motorhome awnings, the air hoses are filled with a manual air pump or an electric pump in the shortest possible time, thus ensuring the necessary stability. You save time during assembly and weight during transport.
Click here for an overview of the motorhome air awnings

Reimo's motorhome awning tip:

Please test your motorhome awning together with your motorhome before your holiday. It is best to set up the entire ensemble as a test. So you have the process under control, know how big your vehicle including the motorhome awning is. Before you go on vacation, you will also notice whether, for example, various pegs from your last vacation are missing, or if something else is missing. Before your trip, check if your equipment is complete. It's not a very pleasant start into your holidays if Zeltstangen, tent poles and pegs are left at home.

There is water in your motorhome awning?

Water in the motorhome awning can have many reasons. It is often condensed water that collects on the tent floor of the motorhome awning. Many problems in the tent arise from insufficient fresh air supply. The tent is rarely really leaky. All tent skins and seams are impregnated thoroughly during manufacture. However, the impregnation can lose its effect more quickly with frequent contact, with retrofitted attachments (e.g. for the sleeping cubicles) and in hard-to-reach spots. However, this rarely happens. Don't let this ruin your vacation!
For a carefree holiday trip, we recommend having a bottle of seam sealant or something similar to impregnate in the rear garage. This is a simple, quick help for a small, annoying problem! If you have to treat the seams of your awning for motorhomes, please do so for optimal effectiveness, reinforced from the inside.
The basic rules for a carefree holiday with a motorhome awning
  • A good ventilation is most important
  • Dry your sleeping bags during the day
  • Use the ventilation options in the awning
After your vacation, please remember to store your motorhome awning clean and dry again. Sand is the enemy of every coating. Use a special tent cleaner for coarser soiling. You can avoid mold stains if you pack your motorhome awning away after it has dried thoroughly. With a little tender, love and care, your motorhome awning will give you pleasure for many years.

How do I attach my motorhome awning?

The tent attachment on the vehicle, can be done without drilling, with suction cups or sets of clamping eyes. In addition, wall eyelets, aluminum rails, clamping rods, Unirail, Highrail and Multirail offer additional options for attaching awnings.

We also offer many awning carpents in many sizes!

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