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Air Awning, Inflatable Awning, Inflatable Tent

Air Awning, Inflatable Awning,  Inflatable Caravan Awning

Inflatable Awnings, Inflatable Caravan Awning, Inflatable Drive-Away Awning, Inflatable Caravan Porch Awning, Airbeam Awning, Blow-up Awnings, VW T6 Air Awning, VW T5 Air Awning

Air awnings, inflatable awnings or air tents are awnings and tents in which airbeams are used instead of the classic tent poles. The main advantage of airtents is that they are mounted quicker and more easily, especially by the unexperienced traveller. You do not need to install a frame and save your time for more holiday activities.
Volkswagen T5 air awnings offer more protection than the classic case awning or roll-out awning, and are installed almost as fast.

Air Awnings: Drive-away Awnings, Caravan Air Awnings, Campervan Air Awnings, Airbeam Awning, Blow-up Awning

Inflatable drive-away tents for campervans have been around for some years, they were among the first tents built in this way. Today inflatable caravan porch awnings are also available. With a caravan air awning the installation time is sensationally short.
The terms blow-up awnings or airbeam awnings are also used by manufacturers for this new kind of quick-mount awnings.