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Motorhome Levelling Systems - Camper Levelling Systems

Motorhome Levelling Systems - Camper Levelling Systems
The motorhome levelling systems are usually for the rear axle.
The comfort solution is a combination for front and rear axle, combined with an electronic control system.
The motorhome levelling systems or camper levelling systems for the rear axle consists in the simple form of two air springs, which are monitored by a pressure gauge and filled at the gas station depending on the load. It is more luxurious if a compressor is mounted in the vehicle additionally.

Levelling systems for luxury motorhomes

For luxury motorhomes, such as Phoenix or Concorde four air springs with compressor and electronic control device are usually installed. The system adjusts itself and ensures high ride comfort.

Electric jacks

The electric jacks consist of systems of two or four jacks, usually controlled by a control device. The goal is to support the motorhome or camper absolutely horizontally.