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Camper Windows, Van Side Windows, Campervan Windows such as Fiat Ducato Windows & many more

Camper Windows, Van Side Windows, Campervan Windows such as Fiat Ducato Windows & many more

Fiat Ducato Windows, Mercedes Vito Windows, Renault Trafic Windows, Ford Transit Custom Windows - Your Camper Windows

Camper Windows such as Fiat Ducato windows, Vito windows, Sprinter windows, Transit and Trafic windows - get them here at our Camping-Shop. Top hung windows and sliding windows of different manufacturers can be installed in the Fiat Ducato and other panel vans. Top hung windows are very common, recommendable are e.g. van windows by Polyplastic or Carbest windows.
You can install the top hung windows for Fiat Ducato either in front of the rear doors, on the sliding doors or across from the driver's side window. Of course, you can also install standard camper windows by Seitz, Carbest or other manufacturers with the right installation dimensions in Fiat Ducato, Sprinter, Vito, Transit and any other vans. In many vans, the side walls are slightly curved. This makes the installation of straight van side windows difficult in many cases. Therefore, there are special van side windows for example Carbest windows, or the slightly curved ones S7 Seitz Windows.

Get further details about the camper windows on the bottom of this page!

Retrofitting Ducato, Vito, Sprinter and other van side windows - do I need MOT/TÜV?

You usually do not need TÜV for retrofitting Ducato windows, Vito, Sprinter windows and others. You must install the van side windows where the cunstruction policy allows it. This means, where the windows of the estate car would be. These places are clearly visible in the van. It only becomes problematic if you damage bearing parts during sawing.

Camper window installation for Ford, Mercedes, Fiat and other vans

For camper window installation in the van of Ford, Mercedes, Fiat or any other you only need the following tools:
Drilling machine, metal drill, jigsaw, rubber mallet and a suction cup with handle. Furthermore, a proper edge protection (Item-no: 294541), cleaner (Item-no: 29415), 2x adhesive kit (Item-no: 294841) and adhesive tape to fix the window when inserting.
The preparations on the vehicle are quite clear. You just need to protect your vehicle from swarf and flying sparks. This means you mask your vehicle in the area of the cutout and use plenty of cover foil inside the vehicle. Also inside, draw the cutout dimensions on the sheet. When this is done, drill 2 holes in each corner to be able to use the jigsaw "cleanly" and correctly. Now you follow the drawing with the jigsaw. The window cutout is finished. Since you would like to use your vehicle for a long time, we recommend now the application of rust inhibitor at the cutting edges.

The fitting and gluing of camper windows and van side windows for Ducato, Vito, Transit or Sprinter

Now is the turn for the final gluing of your van side windows. First, look at the cutting edge. If the inner and outer panels are too far apart, you can glue the two sides together to create a narrow edge for the edge protection. Press this around the cutting edge once from the middle of the window opening.
As soon as you are done with this, please clean the gluing area on the window and vehicle and let it dry for 15 minutes. Now apply the adhesive on the vehicle side. Place the van side window in the middle of the cutout and press it into the frame. Then fix it with tape. This is the best way to let your vehicle dry overnight with the fresh glue joints. After that your Ducato, Vito or Sprinter is ready for use again.

Camper windows - Carbest

Carbest windows are available for different van types.
Available at Reimo:

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